Thursday, 25 June 2009

Exam's Are Over!

Yahoooo! Finally It's the start of summer! No more University, waking up early and of course NO more homework!

Over the past few weeks I've been so busy and not been able to post up a blog because I was to busy making sure all my assignments are up-to-date and I spent alot of my time revising ready for my exams.

Well, exam's are finally over! This year was the first time I ever done an exam with my implant. Every year, the lecture always tell everyone to sit quietly at their desk, no talking and to fill in all the question sheet. For a deaf person, who couldn't hear a thing have no idea how noisey they are. I remenbered last year, I sat down and when I finished my question sheet I left my desk with a big loud screeching noise which was coming from my chair, everyone did turned and looked at me! How embarrasing

This year has been totoally different! Thanks to my implant, I was able to hear myself and was able to BE quiet. In the exam room, everything was ment to be so quiet, everyone WAS quiet but just one thing that wasn't and it did distracted me right through the exam. I wanted to shoot it! It was sooooooo ANNOYING! Eventually I did had to take my implant so I could get some peace and concentrate! Can anyone guess what it is?

Yep, it was a clock, how noise can they be? can't they be any quieter? Big Ben in London is so loud, but it on chime when the big hand gets to 12'0clock but this small clock in the exam room TICKs loud every second! Ah, right now, I'm just trying to learn to IGNORE the sounds! Any tips on how to avoid listening to sounds that I don't want to hear?