Wednesday, 28 January 2009

New family member! Argh! How noisey?

Hey all, I haven't forgotten about the blogs, I am still around. I have been soooooo busy just laterly and last week was the most exciting and nervous week for our family. My sister had given birth to a baby boy and called him Dylan. Yep, I am now 'Aunty Katie-Louise! argh! that makes be feel old but I please to welcome him into the family!

I have never really been with young babies since switch on. I have never actually heard them cry in person apart from seening them cry on tv etc. I mean, I can't believe how much Dylan has been crying over the past week - He would only cry if he wants feeding, changing or if any of us disturb him in his sleep. It the first time I heard cry and I'm glad I am able to hear my cute little nephew which was a pleasure to hear!

After hearing Dylan cry alot, I do tend to turn my implant right down or go into another room for a bit till my sister or his dad sort him out. I find it a bit hard to ignore which I am gonna try my best to get used to it.

I must say, I am sooooooo glad I don't hear anything at night time with I put my own implant to bed, though I do feel sorry for the others. hehe

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Signed Video Songs

Thought it be nice to share some signed videos by BSL (British sign language) users! Have fun watching and listening ;-)

Sugarbabes - 'Hole in the Head'

Will Young - Evergreen

Whitney Houston - I Have Nothing

Thursday, 15 January 2009

online Video & Audio chat - new CI moment!

Last night I went to my friends house who lives about 5 minutes away. While I were over at her house. Kara and I decided to go online and try out skype and oovoo video chat with Jennifer (Amanda's Stepmother)

we planned to go online at a certain time as USA and UK hours are different, Kara and I were so keen to learn ASL and so that Jennifer could be our online ASL teacher.

It was 7:30pm and 11:30am over there - When we manage to sort the video chat and saw Jennifer. When Jennifer first saw us on the video chat, Kara and I were signing away and the first thing Jennifer said was "woah, I don't even have a clue on what you are saying" we both laughed as it would be the same for us if Jennifer signed in ASL.

As we got going, Jennifer taught us the Alphabet, Animals, Numbers and some everyday signs. It was really interesting to learn, I mean, BSL (British Sign Language) and ASL (Amerincan Sign Language) are completely different and we both wanted to learn ASL and learning ASL would help us when we both go over USA this summer to meet other deaf. As we tried them, some were quite difficult and some were quite funny!

While we were practising, Jennifer said she could hear us laughing and giggling away and she asked if she could hear her. We couldn't hear Jennifer because out laptop was set as mute. Not many deaf people would have it on and wouldn't bother changing it. So, we both decided to put the volume on and as we did it, we didn't realise that the volume was on full and when Jennifer said hello, we both was shocked and put our hand over our ears. It was sooooo loud and kara had to turn it down quick. When we heard Jennifer talking we could also hear alot of background noise coming from where Jennifer is. We could hear, Jennifer typing to us, wind as she was outside and cars passing by as she mentioned she lives on a corner and also we could hear goldy her cute little dog

That was all new to me, I never heard from a laptop in a video call. I would normally use it and would signing away to my friends on there but never had the audio bit on. I decided to say "Hello" and Jennifer could also hear me too. I was impressed when she said it was clear :-D Jennifer also decided to sing to us to give us a listening practise. She sanged Twinkle Twinkle little star, lol It was good but sooooooo funny because she wanted to make sure no-one was walking past, haha.

Not only that Jennifer were talking to her Husband, Gonzalio. While Jennifer were talking to Gonzalio, we were listening and her accent was sooooo American. We manage to pick out some words on what she said and typed it and Jennifer said that was right.

After that, joseph also joined in the video chat too and we could hear jospeh talking too. We were able to tell there two 2 people talking as each voice sounded different.

So, what a brilliant evening and another new C.I moment along with some fantastic Sign and look forward to doing the video chat again sometimes.

To those that don't know Jennifer, she also has a blog about cochlear implant as her stepfdaughter has one check out there blog -

Saturday, 10 January 2009

I.T Independent (new C.I moment)

Every Tuesday at university I have an I.T (information Technology) lesson. Every lesson we have a task to do and every task we do, we bound to print something out.

so, Last year at college, I wasn't able to hear the printers printing and my work. If i was to print something and instead of me walking to the other side of the class room to check if it is printing, I just ask my interpreter who is with me if they could hear it and when they do, I walk over to collect the printed work.

This year changed has changed. I do have an interpreter in lecture with me and instead of me asking if she/he could hear the printer, I listen out for myself and when I hear it I go over and collect it.

so, more independents and it great to hear the printer *thumbs up*

The only thing I don't like about I.T lesson is when you sit down doing you work and while your doing the work, all you could hear is everyone typing and tapping the keywords. It tend to annoy me,but its good to hear it, and I am aware what it is. I just trying to learn how to avoid these sounds while doing work without cheating (taking the implant off)

Monday, 5 January 2009

Listening Improves your English?

English language has always been a problem to some deaf people, well, actually most deaf people hates English and I was one of them.

I used to struggle alot in English lecture and I have always had a problem of getting BSL structure mixed up with English. Also, my spoken language seems to be shorter compared to hearing poeple.

Ever since I've had the Cochlear Implant people had said to me that my spoken language and my written english has improved. Well, this morning I said something to my mum and I can't remenber what I said and my mum said "wow, you are really listening and starting using hearing phrases" Not only that, my mum loves reading my blogs. She said she has notice the different in my writting structure and grammer from april's blog to now.

Now I am in university, I have took an adiditional course to attend English class to help me improve. Before I used to hate english, now I seems to enjoy it. My english still needs improving but its getting better from what people has said!

To the new implantee, has your english improved?

Friday, 2 January 2009

Bang! Bang! New C.I moment!

On the first evening of new year, I went to a friends house who have also got a cochlear implant. We stopped over for some roast dinner, hmmmm how nice and it was lovley jubbly!

When I were over there, later in the evening I were up in her computer room as abi were showing me the new year eve party photos. When looking at these wonderful photos all the sudden I heard this BANG! It made me jump and wondered what it was, as I turned round I saw richard with this small drum and that he was playing about with it.

I have never ever played a whilesince I had a Cochlear Implant, I have heard some drumming sounds before with the implant that those sounds I heard were played either on T.V, watching my sister playing in a marching band or in some music.

but to play the drum myself and hearing it was awesome. Because my sister plays a trumpet in a band, I used to go and watch her and while watching it I have always been interested in watching how they hit thoses drums at the same times while marching. It looks pretty difficult but loved to try it out.

my sister friend had a drum because she was in the band too and my sister friend used to come round my place and practised but had always left the drum at my house.

They used to practise in my bedroom as my sister and I used to share rooms. While her friend was here, I used to sit and watch sometimes even though I couldn't hear it much but could feel it and see how she hits it. My sister taugh me how to play it and I used to do play it myself with her so my sister could practise along with it when her friend not here. A few months before my implant operation, my sister friend moved houses and could no longer be in the band so she stop playing the drums and had given the drum back to the band. So, I could no longer play it.

When at abi's house, I decided to try the drum, I could remenber how to play it and as I played it, it was so great to hear the sound. It made feel like I want to join the band now I can hear while I am playing it. so, that has given me thoughts. So, so far I have played a keyboard (i'm still messing about with it and not yet joined any keyboard lesson yet) and now I have played a drum. Isn't that great!

'2008' shall never be forgotten!

2008 has been one of the most best and interesting year I've had. I can't believe how fast the whole year went. Things had changed so much and it has got better.
The best thing about 2008:

* I finally got back to playing football after a long break with a terrible injury

* Richard and I got engaged and it has been a 3 years for us now this 12th Jan.

*I recieved a Cochlear Implant and was able to hear and that my confidence is so much better. I use my voice all the time and talk so much (sorry if I am a chatterbox). I was able to be more independent that I don't ask people to come with me and socialise alot more now. Not only that Iam able enjoy MUSIC - the best part about that; I was able to enjoy listening to Gareth Gates. He has amazing voice, well, it sounds so amazing to me, but maybe not be good to any of you. lol.

* Completed College and finally in University working hard to become a P.E teacher!
* Passed my driving exam and have my owncar. Now I don't need to ask my dad for a lift (he was my taxi driver) lol
* Repesented England and went to Germany and Greece to play some games :-D

what more can I think of? There so many wonderful things I have done this year.

So, I like to say a big THANK YOU not in word but in picture to:

*Nottingham Cochlear Implant team
*Yahoo users groups
*C.I bloggers.
*Ear Foundation
*friends and family

You have all been so supportive this year and that you have made life easier and better for me :-D

so, its now 2009

I like to wish you all a " Happy New Year 2009"

Carol Service Update!


Sorry I haven't update on how my experince went on my first xmas carol services. Xmas has made me so busy and that I enjoyed every minute of it. :-D

As I mention in the last post, my family and I had a good time and I have been able to follow a few songs. I didn't sing them out loud at all, I just sing it in my head and followed the words.

Some song were easy to follow - only the ones I had practise before, but the new songs I manage to follow and while I were pointing at the words my mum watched me follow and would tell me if I went wrong. I was so happy that I could hear everyone singing, this year it didn't bored me and I wasn't looking at the pictures on the ceiling again. lol

Also, I manage not to tap on the wooden chairs for anyone attention this year. I have finally learnt how to be more 'hearing awareness' well, sort of. I still have a habit of: flashing the light, stamping my feet, tapping, waving for anyone attension, I still can't help it and it was something I got used to as I grow up.