Saturday, 10 January 2009

I.T Independent (new C.I moment)

Every Tuesday at university I have an I.T (information Technology) lesson. Every lesson we have a task to do and every task we do, we bound to print something out.

so, Last year at college, I wasn't able to hear the printers printing and my work. If i was to print something and instead of me walking to the other side of the class room to check if it is printing, I just ask my interpreter who is with me if they could hear it and when they do, I walk over to collect the printed work.

This year changed has changed. I do have an interpreter in lecture with me and instead of me asking if she/he could hear the printer, I listen out for myself and when I hear it I go over and collect it.

so, more independents and it great to hear the printer *thumbs up*

The only thing I don't like about I.T lesson is when you sit down doing you work and while your doing the work, all you could hear is everyone typing and tapping the keywords. It tend to annoy me,but its good to hear it, and I am aware what it is. I just trying to learn how to avoid these sounds while doing work without cheating (taking the implant off)


Laura's medical journey said...

lol its always going to be impossible to avoid hearing tapping of keys and all that in an IT class! I dont know why but I like the sound of my tapping on my laptop it can be quite soothing like you could be writing a novel!! hehe i was in the college IT class with me as the only girl haha thats worse!!! lots of rowdy ness from the guys! xx

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