Friday, 2 January 2009

Carol Service Update!


Sorry I haven't update on how my experince went on my first xmas carol services. Xmas has made me so busy and that I enjoyed every minute of it. :-D

As I mention in the last post, my family and I had a good time and I have been able to follow a few songs. I didn't sing them out loud at all, I just sing it in my head and followed the words.

Some song were easy to follow - only the ones I had practise before, but the new songs I manage to follow and while I were pointing at the words my mum watched me follow and would tell me if I went wrong. I was so happy that I could hear everyone singing, this year it didn't bored me and I wasn't looking at the pictures on the ceiling again. lol

Also, I manage not to tap on the wooden chairs for anyone attention this year. I have finally learnt how to be more 'hearing awareness' well, sort of. I still have a habit of: flashing the light, stamping my feet, tapping, waving for anyone attension, I still can't help it and it was something I got used to as I grow up.

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Laura's medical journey said...

awww glad u had fun and u were able to follow the service a bit easier! :D