Monday, 31 August 2009

Summer Almost Over

Can't you believe it that ten weeks of summer is almost over. I have just two week left before going back to university! uh-oh!

I am looking forward to see all my uni friends again; missed them so much. I am certaintly not looking forward to the amount of work to be done in my 2nd year (lets hope it easy)

I'd a great summer so far, I've done soo much and have been sooooo busy! I spend the summer working and had at least 2 weeks hoilday.

I did alot of football coaching over the summer with young children and then spend a few weeks at a Deaf camp doing all sorts such as canoning, climbing, treking, cycling, swimming, visiting places etc. I have enjoyed it some much. Being a team leader gives you loads of responsibility and you can learn some much, looking forward to doing that again next year, but at a different place - I think next year I would be doing that in USA

Not only I have been working. Advanced Bionics/Manchester cochlear implant centre have asked me to join the football teens day that they had in manchester. Good time, it was great to meet the young teenagers that had C.I and also enjoys football too.I had a bit of a kick around with them and then visited Manchester City Stadium. Learnt so much about Man City!

Also, I was invited to a sports award and repesented Derby County for the 2nd time.

2 weeks of hoilday at Golden Sands with family and friends was awsome - It was nice to relax on the beach and enjoy the sunshine - the night entertainment was great too. Thanks to my implant, I am able to understand it more than I used to. I did have an accident with my implant - lost 2 batteries which fall out of Richard bag which had a hole in. Another call to the implant centre, grr.

There was one night were the was a party in the dark, so we all had these light things. I ended up putting one light on my coil - check out the picture!

Now I have only 2 weeks left, I have a few plans. I'll be visiting Advanced Bionics for a small meeting twice this month - and I'll be sorting out my university books (I really do want another 10 weeks off) and erm.... Get my self back at the gym, had 2 months off and I've missed my gym routine. I love the workout and swimming. Football season has just started so back in the game again!

Thats it for me now, check out the next post on how well I am doing with my ears