Saturday, 12 December 2009

Skin It - My design!

Those of you that doesn't know what is 'Skin It' Check out this website

you can customize your sound processor to match your mood or make a fashion statement. Dress your processor up with your favorite colors, sports teams, or works of art. You can choose from hundreds of designs or even upload your own graphics for a completely unique look.

"Lets show other that we don't only have fashionable clothes, we also have fashionable procesoors"

Check out my design - At the moment I have decided to wear pink zebra and Twilight "Edwards" mixed, I love Twilight, so I thought I put Edwards on.

I have also got a few other designs such as 'St Geogre Flag'that will used when I repersent England again, pink with Derby County logo on and I have a Xmas one which will be used while I am in Scarbrough. (I will try and upload thoses when I have put them on my processor in the future)

Go ahead and Design yours now....

Friday, 11 December 2009

2nd Xmas with my Cochlear Implant

14 days till Xmas and still I haven't finished all my Xmas shopping. University has kept me ever so busy - we had this big Science project, which was interesting but hard and finally we have finished it. Feeling positive about the overall project results. Just one more week left at university then finally we get 3 weeks off, which is needed.

So, what have I been upto over the past few weeks? well, I have had a few trip to Ropewalk Cochlear Implant centre; I had a slight problem with my cochlear implant - struggling to control the sounds and feeling uncomfortable in loud and quiet situation. Somehow when I'm in lecture and the room is quie, it feels like my teacher who is talking to the class that is stand about 5 metres away voice sounds as if she is right next to me and when the voice is loud, I tend to feel it more. Not only that, sitting in a canteen at university the loud background noises got over the top and I got so uncomfortable feeling and hearing it.

So after seening my audiologist about it, it finally got sorted and now I have some new setting and some loudness has been clipped and have a programme where the volume is on lock to stop it turning it up itself which now after 2 weeks with the programme, I have felt so much better and is not seems to be having an problems at all - no more trips to the Implant Centre till my 2year appointment, I hope.

Recently I went to the Ear Foundation Xmas Social and for the 2nd time I've been on the microphone again doing the Xmas Quiz. I could see the different in myself from last years quiz and this years quiz - I felt more confident and I didn't worry too much about my speech. My speech has improved alot - being at university and being surrounded by hearing friends all the time has really helped me though I do still need to work on the loudness of my speech and of course try and say all these biology words properly. Everytime I do a presentation and when I present it sometimes there a word that I struggle to say and sometimes I tend to stutter and give up quite easily and just say "that word" all my mates just laughs, which I don't mind becuase they all understand and my lecture is ok with it and it doesn't effect my marks which is a releif. I don't sign as much anymore so I think that maybe another reason why my speech as improved alot too.

I have added a few pictures of me on the mike and of course you may notice the rudolph on my coil that I created - everyone loves it and have asked me to make some for them. It was a brilliant weekend and It was nice to have Kezia from AB popping in to see us all.

I suppose some of you have noticed my last post "stolen bike" Still no news on that but is feeling positive that I will get it back. However sometime next year I'll be having a knee operation (sports injury) which I hope, the recovery time doesn't take to long - I don't fancy having another year out of sport like I did with my ankle and is hop-ing around everywhere in university on those horrible crutches.

Now Xmas is coming up, I'll be spending my xmas hoilday down in Scarbrough along with the rest of my family and of course go to the church and see If I can keep up with the Xmas song and this year do better at following the lyrics.

So thats it for me now, finally the weekend here and I am off out to see a few friends and enjoy spending sometime with my family and maybe to a bit of online xmas shopping If I have time rather than going out in the cold spending ages searching to buy a certain thing.

Enjoy the Xmas season everyone.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Styling Your Cochlear Implant (Getting Ready for Xmas)

Hey all,
Getting ready for Xmas?? I can't believe Xmas is just round the corner. Anyway, today I went to town today to finish off the last bit of Xmas shopping. Finally I got it all done and now I've gotta do the last part; wrapping them all up - I think I'd end up wrapping myself up since I'm not good at it.

Anyway while I went round town. I saw some Reindeers hair clips - I thought they look so cute then as I looked at them I came up with an idea - lets pimp out my processor into an christmassy Cochlear Implant. I knew I had a party to go to this weekend, so I thought, why not I'll just buy it and when I get home I'll see what I can do with them.

So, instead of wrapping up the xmas present - I decided to turn the reindeer hair clip into a reindeer coil cover. check it out

It is quite simple to make. All I did was buy the clips that has an xmas charactor on then cut down the clip where there is a small peice of metal left on the back of the reindeer, file the edges so it isn't sharp to either scratch or cut something and then just stick it on your magnetic coil. So after making it, heres the result.........

Now have fun and you try it.

Please Note that this does not damage your processor!

Merry Xmas everyone,

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Stolen Motobike!

Note *This is not a CI related*

Last night I had my motocross bike stolen. Thoses that lives in the Derby Are, Please help and spread the word to try and find my bike!

STOLEN KAWASAKI KX125 (Team Green with Gold petrol cap and black pannels with the number "7" ) Stolen in Chaddesden Area (Derby) between 7:30 - 9:30pm

If anyone seen it please call crime number; 0345 123 33 33 or 07852157548. Please help and spread the word!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Questions and Unusual Coil Picture!

Afternoon all,

I just like to say sorry to thoses that has sent me an e-mail with your question about the cochlear implants in the past month or so and hasn't yet had a reply from me. I've been ever so busy at university working on a project and also had other things to do.

so, I'll try and answer you question as soon as I am free.

Anyway, thought I'd share this with you - I wouldn't say its a good thing, but everyone who has had a cochlear implant has bound to had something stuck on their coil by accident or someone would put it on, on purpose.

One night I was out at a friend house a few months ago and they decided to put a WKD bottle top on my coil -which made my coil stand out which to us WKD means WICKED to us! Enjoy the picture....

Anyway, i'd better be off - hope you all like the picture. I'll be updating my blog sometimes over the next few days on what I've been up to over past month. So, watch this space!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Playing sports with your C.I

Over the past few weeks, I have seen people asking about how do I wear my C.I while playing any sports !

Lets start with managing C.I - I do have small ears, and everyday I wear a small 'Huggie that attaches to my C.I which looks like this:

Wearing a 'Huggie' with my C.I has made a big different to me. Even though I had a smaller T-mic, the implant would still fly off. So, wearing a 'Huggie' with your implant to wrap round your ears should help you

Not only I wear a huggie while playing sports. With my huggie, I tend to wear a small sports material elastic band instead of those big headband. I place the band over my head by but putting the coil wire underneath. That also stops the implant from falling off and of course the coil doesn't come off as much as it used to. Placing the handband on top the coil wire doesn't affect the sounds coming through to your ears. I found that big material head bands tend to make a lot of rustling noise and it still made the implant falls off.

I wear the band in all the sports I play all sort of sports such as football, tennis, running, gym etc. I would recommend it to other C.I users that are playing sports to wear it.

Recently Advanced Bionics has been testing the new T-mic ear mould (pictured below) This can be another way to prevent your cochlear implant from falling off.

Sometimes while playing sports, you don't always hear the whistle even if your wearing your implant, as you too busy focusing on the game. There has been times where I was playing football and I had the ball, continued to run and the referee would blow his whistle and I am still running with it.

So, what should I do to prevent this?

To help me from knowing when to stop, or when its a foul. I ask my referee to hold up a flag which he hold throughout the match. Every time he blows the whistle he would raise the flag up in the air too.; that helps me a lot. Sometimes when they are behind you and you don't hear the whistle or hear the flag you would still continue to run. This problem, I manage to solve with my team mates. I teaching my team some deaf awareness and ask them, if I had the ball and the referee blows his whistle, all my team mates would stop and stand still. That way, I can see why the game has been stopped because no-one moving around.

playing as a team, you get players shouting my out my name when they want the ball, then when I don't hear it, it goes someone else. After I had problems with this situation. I taught my team mates to wave at me as they are shouting my name which made the teamwork much better.

I There are loads of issue out there that can be dealt with. if you have any question about this post. e-mail me, hopefully I'll get back to you

katie-louise x.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

C.I actor wanted!

My mum has found this , great to know that they are looking to get an actor with a Cochlear Implant!

BBC searches for CI recipient to play lead role in new drama

The BBC is looking to cast an aspiring deaf (or hearing impaired) actress in the lead female role of new drama, The Silence.
The girl should be aged around 16 to 19 and does not have to have had acting experience, but should have a lively and outgoing personality and be up for the challenge of working with a film crew and professional actors in Dublin.
In the drama, the character has a cochlear implant and is learning to talk, so the girl should ideally have some speech.
Shooting will take place from mid November to early January 2010. There will be a break for Christmas and New Year.
The production is being made for BBC One by Company Pictures, who produce Skins and Shameless. It will be directed by Dearbhla Walsh, who has just won the Emmy Award for Little Dorritt.
If you or anyone you know would be interested in being seen for this project please get in touch with us, and we'll forward you everything you need to know! Email us at

Monday, 31 August 2009

Summer Almost Over

Can't you believe it that ten weeks of summer is almost over. I have just two week left before going back to university! uh-oh!

I am looking forward to see all my uni friends again; missed them so much. I am certaintly not looking forward to the amount of work to be done in my 2nd year (lets hope it easy)

I'd a great summer so far, I've done soo much and have been sooooo busy! I spend the summer working and had at least 2 weeks hoilday.

I did alot of football coaching over the summer with young children and then spend a few weeks at a Deaf camp doing all sorts such as canoning, climbing, treking, cycling, swimming, visiting places etc. I have enjoyed it some much. Being a team leader gives you loads of responsibility and you can learn some much, looking forward to doing that again next year, but at a different place - I think next year I would be doing that in USA

Not only I have been working. Advanced Bionics/Manchester cochlear implant centre have asked me to join the football teens day that they had in manchester. Good time, it was great to meet the young teenagers that had C.I and also enjoys football too.I had a bit of a kick around with them and then visited Manchester City Stadium. Learnt so much about Man City!

Also, I was invited to a sports award and repesented Derby County for the 2nd time.

2 weeks of hoilday at Golden Sands with family and friends was awsome - It was nice to relax on the beach and enjoy the sunshine - the night entertainment was great too. Thanks to my implant, I am able to understand it more than I used to. I did have an accident with my implant - lost 2 batteries which fall out of Richard bag which had a hole in. Another call to the implant centre, grr.

There was one night were the was a party in the dark, so we all had these light things. I ended up putting one light on my coil - check out the picture!

Now I have only 2 weeks left, I have a few plans. I'll be visiting Advanced Bionics for a small meeting twice this month - and I'll be sorting out my university books (I really do want another 10 weeks off) and erm.... Get my self back at the gym, had 2 months off and I've missed my gym routine. I love the workout and swimming. Football season has just started so back in the game again!

Thats it for me now, check out the next post on how well I am doing with my ears

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Talking in Groups

Being in a group chats has always been hard for a deaf person. Lip reading one person to another person is like watching table-tennis following the ball and If you lost where the ball is, then you have just missed out on some information. Before I got implanted with this wonderful Advanced Bionic device, it was so hard to keep up . when I were in a group of hearing peers I used to lip-read all the time but always miss out some information and when I get tired of lipreading I miss more information. I used to hate sitting in groups and would prefer to talk to a friend 1-1. Sitting in groups, my confident wasn't so good and I used to sit there and be quiet, I was afriad to ask them to repeat.

After having a cochlear implant, lip-reading has become alot easisr! I don't get tired so quick and I do get more involved. There are times where I don't understand what they are saying but I do have to say that I am much more confident asking them to repeat, I ain't afriad to ask.

The only thing I find hard at the moment is university there is a student union bar where you sit and chill out with friends. The student union seats & tables are like a "C" shapes and when go with my group of friends to sit round thoses table. I've notices that everytime I sit in the middle - I always hear and keep up with the people on my implanted side and tend to miss some information on my non-implant side. I do try and make sure I sit on the edge, making sure all my friends are on my implant side. It does help, but still not all places have "C" shapes seating. They can be round and that makes it worst when there is no edges to make sure everyone sits where your implanted side is.

Maybe a 2nd implant would help in that situation? Has anyone out there notices the different in group situation after getting your 2nd CI done? It would be great if you could share your experince!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Total Wipeout Gameshow!

Ever heard of a Gameshow that on every Satuday evening on BBC ONE?

its involved: Crashes, smashes and hilarious mud splashes are on the cards as twenty contestants take on one of television's largest and most extreme obstacle courses. They journey across the globe to the purpose-built Total Wipeout course in Argentina to put their strength, balance and bravery to the test in the hope of winning the 10,000 pounds cash prize and being crowned this week's Total Wipeout champion.

I have never really watched it and my dad always wanted to me to try and get on the show. He said he always like to see a deaf person on the show to raise the awareness that "deaf people can do anything except hear" He'd downloaded the application form the other day. He asked me to go for it, and so I did. I can't believe I actually posted the form off, am I mad?

I am an outgoing person and always up for a challenge. So, I thought why not and give it go. After watching a bit of the show on Youtube. I thought If I ever did do the show - it would be good to tell people what a cochlear implant is. It could make Advanced Bionic more visable and maybe more people would be aware on a cochlear implant is.

Another question my dad ask me. If I ever won 10,000 pound, what would I spend it on? I said I would pay to have a second cochlear implant done and my dad was just shocked and couldn't believe I would choose to have that done instead of something esle like a new car or something.

Having a second implant would mean alot to me. Waiting till the N.I.C.E report change in 2011 is a long time to wait and it could take forever to appeal against it. So, it worth a try. If I fail to make it the gameshow there always another way round to it. Better luck for me!

Where to get support and advice?

Looking for advice and support to help you with decision to get a cochlear implant or not? How about checking these useful sites;

Advanced Bionic (the name of my cochlear implant)

Contact Network

Ear Foundation

Cochlear Implant User Group

British Cochlear

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Contact Network!

Last weekend, I travelled all the way down to Cambridge to join the Contact Network group. Friday evening they had a social meet up with a BBQ. I have never really met any of the contact network group before apart from Tiz who I have met at the EF and the two other AB users who I have met during my assessment at the Ear foudation to help me decide wheather I wanted a cochlear implant or not. Oh and there was Elaine from CIUG who I have spoken to loads of time asking her tons of question about the implant. I didn't realise they would be there

When I got to the Mellor Centre, I signed in and went to my bedroom and dropped my bags off. The time we got in our room, it was almost time to join the crew. Richard and I were walking towards the study centre, well we were trying to find the place and as we got near the building, there was a lady walking by waving at me saying "Hi katie-louise" I were like, erm... "Hi" (I didn't have a clue who she was) Untill I got close and I realise after she told me who she was. Michelee has been reading my blogs and so thats how she knew me. (It was great to meet you Michelle) We both walked up to the study centre along with my partner Richard who were also with us for the weekend. As soon as we got into the study centre, Tiz was already by the door way - so, that was alright for me, as there was someone esle already knew - Tiz took control and introduce me to his boss (nice to meet you boss :-) After I got a drink, I spotted my great old audiologist that did my assessment to get a cochlear implant and who has left me for her new job just before my switch on, but hey at least shes working for the 'RIGHT' company, it was great to catch up with kezia again. (hopefully see you again sometimes)

The room was full other AB users. I managed to get chance to talk to most of them. they all seem nice and it was great to know all of their experince too. we also had a good game on the Wii, playing against to the other AB users was so much fun. While we were eating up our dinner, Tiz join us and was asking if kezia has told me something. Kezia and Yvoone soon jumped in quick and told Tiz to shush. They had something exciting to tell us the next morning. I kinda guess what it was, so thanks tiz for the hint :-P They all know how crazy I am with the colours on my implant and what I did to one of the cover (yes, spraying it pink) Thats me and I love to stay in fashion, not just with clothes, but with my implant too.

The next morning, I was ment to go for a run, but after seening the meeting was gonna be from 9ish till 4. I thought I better not and take the weekend off. Sunday morning, I did actually went out and did the extra hour run to make up from what I lost.

Breakfast was nice, so there were more time for us users to enjoy chatting awaying. Finally after breakfast it was time to join the group for a meeting. The people who worked for AB/contact network had lot of presentation to show us - its was all about the history, achievements, future of AB and many more. I thought it was so interesting. I have learnt so much, and still I can't believe how much I didn't know even though I had the cochlear implant for a year and there is still so much more to learn. I was actually impressed with the future equipments for the processor etc - next on my list I want a pink, hehe :-) and also other things they have such as the new T-mic earmould that we're going to try out. Poor kezia haven't done made and ear mould for over 10 months, but she has done so well - It was a good job I learnt how to lip-read, so I could keep up with what the others were talking about while my implant were off. After having the ear mould made, I also made a bouncing ball with the left overs lol. I actually gave that to Nicolas, who is stopping at my families home to play with. The music session was also interesting. I am not really into music that much. I only know a bit of Duffy and The Saturdays because I quite like the beats they played and my sister helped me with the lyrics etc.

The CD software they have and what they showed us seems to be so interesting. She played a few tracks to see if we could guess them and we had to imagine whats happening during that sounds. I thought that was really userful so I am gonna give that a try and then make a post on what I think about it. (watch out for the next post)
In the meeting room, they had a quite a few instruments out, so, myself and the other AB users decided to play with them and make some sounds. Some of thoses instruments I have never heard before. Some sounded good and some were awful. we had fun with them though. We made sooo much racket and I felt sorry for kezia, tiz and the others - I bet we were getting on their nerves. They must be so glad when we had stopped playing them lol.

The Future of AB - justs gets better! I am impress on what they are working on! I am looking forward to help more, and go to more of there meetings! A big thanks for the AB crew - Hopefully see you all again so soon!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Using The Phone!

Using a phone can be difficult for some C.I users. Some can learn quite quickly, some take a while. But for me, I am still not 100% confident and yes, it has only been a year since I've been implanted.

It could take some users months or even years till they could get better, it does take practice. Without practice you probably wouldn't reach the next level unless you've tried. Every users is different, you can't compare yourself with another C.I users. - its all to do with you history of deafness, or sound menmory! Just because you know someone who had the implant around the same time as you, or maybe a few months later and can use the phone quite well, it doesn't mean they are better than you, and your not going to get to that stage. The whole idea of the rehab process is to practise and not to give up.

I once tried calling my granddad at Christmas for the first time and at the time I have only had my implant for six months.. I didn't actually hear him very well or understood him perfectly. My mum stood next to the phone and all I could hear is like a foreigner is talking to me and you don't understand the language. When I first heard voices, that was also like that too. After trying with my grandad at christmas, and it wasn't too successful, it didn't stop me from practicing. I decided to try something differet instead such as doing more listening practice without lip-reading. Doing something different does give me a chance to improve my listening skills to listen without lip-reading.

My lipreading skills were so good before being imlpanted. And thats one of the good thing about being able to lip-read was it able to make things a little bit easier by reading their lips and remenbering how does that word sound ready for next time I should be able to hear that word without lip-reading. I do practice alot with my mum and sometimes she ask if I would like to try again on the phone. At some point I do make some excuses saying nah - I'm off out, which I do have to admit that I just weren't ready and wasn't confident enough to try it. My mum were ok with it - my mum is the sort of person who likes to try and help and also try to encourage you to practice more. That is a good thing about having someone round to help you. I mean, without the support I got, I wouldn't think I would get this far to be able to hear some speech without lip-reading.

Just only a few weeks ago, I were away from home working, coaching young children and to hear from my parent, I would just text them too see how they are. While I were away, I did miss my mum's voice. From where I was staying, it would take ages for me to drive back home and pop in to say hello. So, in the end I sat in my room picked up the phone, thinking to myself should I ring my mum or not. I was getting all these 'What If I can't hear her' in my head. In the end, I thought, I ain't gonna know if I can do it unless I have tried! I decided to dail that number and just ring it....

Finally I could hear the ringing tone and at that moment I knew that anytime now she would picked up and say "hello". When I heard that hello, it was just so emotional. I do miss her voice while being away from home. During that phone call I had with my mum, my mum spoke to me like she normally does to me when we are face to face. At a normal pace, not to slow or to fast. I was able to pick out the main key words on what she were saying. There were a few time where she had to repeat her self untill I understood what is being said. I were so happy that I was able to hear her voice and yes when I got home, my dad did say she were in tears. My mum was so happy that I have given it a try. After this phone call, even though I still need some practice. I have now decided to try it more often and like others have said, without practce you won't get far.

So, hopefully this time next year, who knows, I could be talking to a few more people, or maybe still working on it. No matter what stages you are at, you just need to practice. So, for thoses of you who are new to using the phone with your C.I. Don't give up, it does take time!

Friday, 10 July 2009

Ear Foundation BBQ

Last weekend, there was a big Ear Foundation BBQ held at Sue and Brains house. Sue's garden were filled with stalls, bouncy castles for the kids and plenty of competitions to take part in.

The event went so well, the weather was so nice and it was great to meet even more people with Cochlear Implant! It is nice to see more and more implant users around my age and to share each of our experience! So, I would like to say a BIG thanks to Sue and the Ear foundation crew for organizing it!

The Ear foundation is like my second family - they're always so supportive and they have helped me with a load of things! I look forward to attend more of your events. If you need any advise or any support with anything to do with Cochlear Implant I would recommend you all to check out there site on

The Ear Foundation is now on facebook, why not sign up and be a member - you'll recieve all the latest news and make new friends online.

Anyway, thats it for me. This week I'll be chilling out seening friends catching up with what I have missed and new week I'll be driving up to cambridage to join the Advanced Bionic Contact Network meeting. So, looking forward to meeting new people there!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Exam's Are Over!

Yahoooo! Finally It's the start of summer! No more University, waking up early and of course NO more homework!

Over the past few weeks I've been so busy and not been able to post up a blog because I was to busy making sure all my assignments are up-to-date and I spent alot of my time revising ready for my exams.

Well, exam's are finally over! This year was the first time I ever done an exam with my implant. Every year, the lecture always tell everyone to sit quietly at their desk, no talking and to fill in all the question sheet. For a deaf person, who couldn't hear a thing have no idea how noisey they are. I remenbered last year, I sat down and when I finished my question sheet I left my desk with a big loud screeching noise which was coming from my chair, everyone did turned and looked at me! How embarrasing

This year has been totoally different! Thanks to my implant, I was able to hear myself and was able to BE quiet. In the exam room, everything was ment to be so quiet, everyone WAS quiet but just one thing that wasn't and it did distracted me right through the exam. I wanted to shoot it! It was sooooooo ANNOYING! Eventually I did had to take my implant so I could get some peace and concentrate! Can anyone guess what it is?

Yep, it was a clock, how noise can they be? can't they be any quieter? Big Ben in London is so loud, but it on chime when the big hand gets to 12'0clock but this small clock in the exam room TICKs loud every second! Ah, right now, I'm just trying to learn to IGNORE the sounds! Any tips on how to avoid listening to sounds that I don't want to hear?

Monday, 11 May 2009

Wow, take a look at this!

Kirsty, a friend who lives about 45 minutes away had has her cochlear implant for nearly 6 months now.

She was born deaf and had wore hearing aids until April 2007 when she had lost all her hearing in both ears. She is very musical and after losing her hearing, she felt so sad to not able to hear her favourtire band, ABBA.

After Kirsty contacted me online, she had ask me loads of quesiton about my experince and how the implant has helped me. We met once before her op and I could see how hard it is for her. Kirsty, then decided to go for an Advanced Bionic cochlear implant in Novemenber 2008 and after visiting her on the day she had the op, she was so brave she went ahead with it despites being very nervous and nearly turn it down. 3 months after the operation, I visited her again - Kirsty has changed and improved alot after the operation, she even listening to her favourites songs on the Ipod and I can't believe how quickly she has learn to hear .... she is even now playing on her piano, check this out. playing 'Abba - Mama Mia' When I watched her playing that, I was like, wow - she really is good!

Kirsty playing mamma mia and myself watching her.

Who is right?

Last weekend, Richard (freedom user) and I were sitting in the conservatory relaxing and talking about anything that stops us from getting bored. All the sudden Richard heard an Aeroplane and asked me I I could hear that. I heard it, but it sounded like a Helicopter.

We were both were disagreeing with each other about what we heard. I was telling him, "no its a helicopter" and he was "no its a plane" which went on and on, in the end we both decided to go outside to find out what it really was and see who was right. And guess what - we were both shocked - we saw both a helicopter and an aeroplane and we were just shocked that neither of us were wrong. It’s weird how we both could hear something but a different thing. So, that was our weirdest moment.

Friday, 1 May 2009

This is real, this is sound!

Hey all,

Hasn't it been a while since i have last posted? I did get lost, but here I am now - I just had a busy month - and a busy week!

Next thurs, I'll be going for my one year C.I review. Can you believe how quick this year has gone! It makes me feel old already!

Anyway, I thought i'll share this. Have you all ever heard of camp rock? well, its a film I watch a few weeks ago. I know its for teens but still I am a big kid and would watch anything that is good.

There Camp rock has a song called "this is real, this is me" and I really liked the song. So, one day I got that bored after spending a week off uni being ill . I decided to see if could change the song that is CI related.

Here it is: tell me what you think?

Living in a silent world
Do you know what is like
Not to hear a sound
I have this thing
right inside of me
I’m gonna let it show, it’s time

To let you know
To let you know...

This is real, this is sound
That is how I’m supposed to hear now
that the device, is how I hear
Now I’ve found, how I hear
There's no way to hold it in
No more hiding what I wear
This is me

To dream about a life
with all the sound you got
Even though it seems,
like it's too far away
without that device
I don’t know what you hear
It’s the only way.....

This is real, this is sound
That is how I’m supposed to hear now
that the device, is how I hear
Now I’ve found, how I hear
There's no way to hold it in
No more hiding what I wear
This is me

You're the voice I hear inside my head
The reason how I’m hear
I need to wear it
I gotta wear it
You're the missing piece i need
to put sound inside of me
I need to wear it
I gotta wear it

This is real, this is sound
That is how I’m supposed to hear now
that the device, is how I hear
Now I’ve found, how I hear
There's no way to hold it in
No more hiding what I wear
This is me

This is me
(You're the missing piece i need to put sound inside me)
This is me, Yeah
(You're the voice i hear inside my head, the reason how I hear)

Now I’ve found, how I hear
There’s no way to hold it in
No more hiding what I wear
This is me

anyway, let me know what you all think. After doing this. This makes me thing there should be a music video out there that should increase cochlear implant awareness, there are still lot of people out there that doesn't know what a cochlear implant is.

that is it for me, watch out for next weeks post with the BIG 1 year results!

katie -louise x

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

2nd implant?

10 months and I am doing so well, I still can't get over of what I have learnt over the past 10 months -Everyday there always a new sound and always more to look forward to

There is only one thing now I really would like , which I have been thinking about in the last few weeks, now that I have done so well listening through one implant, will I do the same if I had a second implant?

A second implant would be nice. I mean, I hear so well in my left but the only thing is I can only hear most of the things on the left and my right side just feels SO deaf and doesn't hear anything, it feels so blank; I don't see the point in wearing a hearing aid I know a 2nd implant won't make you hear any better, but it be nice to hear from both direction and maybe it give me a better sense of where sounds comin from.

So, now I am hoping to have a 2nd implant to become 'Bilateral' becuase of the N.I.C.E guidance, I think here in the UK, it would be hard for us to fight for the second one. So, right now I am unsure which direction I should take, wheather I should wait a while untill the N.I.C.E has changed gardians or should I appeal for the funding right now?

I thought, If I was to have a 2nd implant while I am still at early stages, I think it might be better as my brains will continue to learn , I am not saying it will stop (I hope not) but getting another implant at this stage might be easier for me and gives me time to learn before I finish university and go out in the real world and teach.

thats it for me, fingers cross, I get the 2nd one some day!


Music - Sounds Inspiring

Yesterday I had an interesting evening. I went to the sound inspiring event which was organised by Ear Foundation and Advanced Bionic. (the implant brand I have)

The event went so well, and it was concert by musicians who have sensory and it inspired me so much. I have never seen a deaf blind man who is able to play his piano and guitar and also group of deaf teenager having there own band called the Deafness. which totally amazed me, it really does show a good example to others the deaf people can do anything except hear like hearing people do.

I have learnt so much while I were watching the panio, flute, drums guitar and xlepone. It was all new to me. I never to identify instrument and the different in them. . After tonight. I have able to indentify the low and high pitch and also to tell which instrument was playing.

I did find some hard to listen to and when they were all playing at the same time. when the flute were playing I was unable to hear the piano untill the flute has paused.

I weren't too keen on the flute. I mean, the flute was played at a high pitch and each note gets higher and higer which felt like my implant is about to blew off.

It was nice to take part when we all got these free Advanced Bionic drumsticks. That taught us to listen and to try and follow the patten

Not only there were music, there were dancers aswell, one of the dancers had a good sense of humour while dancing which made us laughed

So, now I decided I do want to take some keyboard lesson - I won't be as good as the people I have seen, but it be nice to be able to play a song - maybe get to learn how to play Gareth Gates, :-)

so, what an evening, hopefully there will be some more like that!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Hearing from Distance!

March already? Its nowbeen nearly 10 months since I have been implanted. I can't believe how quick the year has gone; I guess life would be alot faster if your enjoying the new hearing journey.

In may will be my one year anniversary. So, I am looking forward to celebrate my one year journey by posting up a new video on this blog <- so watch this space.

Anyway. I have noticed that I have been hearing alot of things that is quite a distance away.

Yesterday, In university I was in class and my classroom was right on the very top floor (11th floor) I were sitting right near the window because sometimes I like to see the outside when I'm thinking or when I want to be nosey ;-) while my lecture were talking about 'Shakespear' I heard a beeping sound that was very quiet and it was repeating for some time. The sound distracted me from listening and I ended up looking around to see what it was and still couldn't figure out where it was coming from. So, I asked my mate whats that beeping sound. She said it was a truck that was reversing outside as there were some building work going off outside the University. I was amazed on how I could hear that.

Also, now I am an aunty, I have been babysitting my little nephew who is now 6 weeks old (he growing quick) anyway, while babysitting. I asked Richard to keep an eye on him while I'll go a make a bottle and I then quickly go upstairs to fetch his bibs etc. I could hear him crying from a good distance away. Babies are loud when they cry. Sometimes it is nice to switch your implant off when you don't want to hear him.

I remenber 3 month post activation, I was able to turn round if someone calls my name out only if they were close but now I can do it while they are in another room. I do sometimes get confused at home when my mum shouts "lady" my dog which made me think my mum is shouting "katie"

Thats it for me typing away now. I better shoot off to my 2nd lecture.


Tuesday, 17 February 2009

RAM FM! (radio) new CI moment!


I'm still around, and yes, I haven't posted for a short while; doesn't mean I've forgotten about my blogs.

I've been soo busy helping my sister with her little son, dylan (hes growing quick) and of course studying at uni <- these assignments from university really do take up all your free time. Anyway, recently I have been travelling to a few places with family and friends - while traveling, someone in the car always shouts "put the radio on" so, while driving I decided to put the radio on. I don't normally listen to the radio and not to bothered with it. Well, for some reason, I decided to give myself some listening practise rather than ignoring it. becuase my hometown football team were playing, my brother and dad want to listen to it to see how well they are getting on. I know all the Derby players names and decided to see if I could pick out any of there names that been called out. I did great and manage to pick out a few names which put a smile on my face, not only that I heard the man on the radio saying "102.8 Ram FM" <>

so, thats something new and hopefully, i'll continue with the practise and see what esle can I hear!

thats it for me now, i better shoot off and get some training done, what this space for more updates!

take care x

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Adult CI Users Day - Telephones

Last Saturday, I went to a workshop at the Ear Foundation! Like before, we had 30 minutes of any choices of session we chosen. I went to:
Richard - Talk more about Advanced Bionic Cochlear Implant.

This session was very interested. We talked about the futures techonologys and also ask any questions about the AB processors. It good to hear that they looking at future processors that have smaller batteries and also more choices of colours (i'm excited, and want them). They are now looking at making a pink processor! Wow, it be good.

Andrew - Talk about equipments they you could try when using the phone/mobile
I liked this session, I tried out this bluetooth device which I tried out for the first time. The blue device called 'Geemarc CL Bluehook ' which you can buy from 'Connevans' As I tried it, you didn't need to change hooks or anything, you only had to turn you setting to a loops channel and place the hook over your ears. While I tried it, Andrew tried phoning me and I only had to press answer on the phone and then just listen through the blue tooth device. It sounded quite good because I were in the same room he sounds robotic and because I were lip-reading him while he were talking there were a bit of a delay on the voice I hear. So, I decided to go out the room and see if I could hear him then. Sue were out of the room with me and andrew were in the other and decided to ask me a question to see if I could get what he said. He asked me " how long it took you to get to the Ear Foundation" I heard what he said and ask sue and she nodded yes, and I answer back. It was great to hear out of that and now I am thinking of buying one once I have more practise with talking to other people on the phone.
Maria - Telephone Commuication tips

This session was all about how to communicate better on the phone and how to make the better of it. It was good practise by using these useful role play scripts. I tried out talking on the phone to Maria while she was out in another room and had to listen out what she said and talk to her back. I managed to do it and while following the scripts, I manage to pick out some of the words in the sentences. It a good way of learning.

Here one script and give it go!

Sam; Hello?
John: Hi! Its John. Can I speak to Sam please?
Sam: Hi John! It's me! How are you?
John: Fine thanks. Are you coming over on Thursday?
Sam: Yes. What time do you want me?
John: How about 8pm.
Sam: That;s Great. I'll bring a bottle of wine.
John: Sounds better by the minute.
Sam: See you Thursday then. Bye
John: Bye.
Using this Scripted conversation really does help and the more practise you do the better you'll get. I am now practicing more and hopefully i'll get better at it.
Anyway after a successful day at the Ear Foundation, some of us decided to go out for a Chinese meal to help celebrate Abi's birthday. We all had a great evening and are now looking forward to the next upcoming Ear Foundation dates!
Me and Debs who also has an AB processor

Sunday, 1 February 2009

CI Fashion

As most of you know, I am a huge fan of fashionable clothes and that I like to make sure everything matches and look right.

I also like to make sure I match my CI colours to my clothes too. I know, I'm crazy but I love it.

Advanced Bionic do quite a lot of colours, but there are some colours they don't do like, Pink, Red, Yellow etc

So, after my favourite colour case broke 'purple' I had other colours but it wasn't enough to match and I had these plain colours which I haven't yet used because they were boring to me.

Somehow after telling dad that I wish AB would do more colours, dad came up with an Idea and said I know just what might help you. Dad suggested us to go an Art & Craft shop and buy some plastic sprays of the colours I wanted and he said they he will spray it and see what the results would be. I thought It was a good idea and had to ask my mate manda if she know where the shop is.

After visiting the shop, I brought Pink, Red, Gold, Yellow, While, Bright Green, Light Purple spray which coz about £2 each per a can and decided to spray the boring plain colours I had and what I have not yet used and guess what? It worked! Dad sprayed a nice pink colour on one of my CI covers and It looks just how they make it. The pink matches the top Im wearing and now I finally have a pink, red, gold, yellow, bright green, light purple covers alone with all the other colours I have. You see below on other pictures that I like to match my CI colours to what I am wearing:

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

New family member! Argh! How noisey?

Hey all, I haven't forgotten about the blogs, I am still around. I have been soooooo busy just laterly and last week was the most exciting and nervous week for our family. My sister had given birth to a baby boy and called him Dylan. Yep, I am now 'Aunty Katie-Louise! argh! that makes be feel old but I please to welcome him into the family!

I have never really been with young babies since switch on. I have never actually heard them cry in person apart from seening them cry on tv etc. I mean, I can't believe how much Dylan has been crying over the past week - He would only cry if he wants feeding, changing or if any of us disturb him in his sleep. It the first time I heard cry and I'm glad I am able to hear my cute little nephew which was a pleasure to hear!

After hearing Dylan cry alot, I do tend to turn my implant right down or go into another room for a bit till my sister or his dad sort him out. I find it a bit hard to ignore which I am gonna try my best to get used to it.

I must say, I am sooooooo glad I don't hear anything at night time with I put my own implant to bed, though I do feel sorry for the others. hehe