Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Adult CI Users Day - Telephones

Last Saturday, I went to a workshop at the Ear Foundation! Like before, we had 30 minutes of any choices of session we chosen. I went to:
Richard - Talk more about Advanced Bionic Cochlear Implant.

This session was very interested. We talked about the futures techonologys and also ask any questions about the AB processors. It good to hear that they looking at future processors that have smaller batteries and also more choices of colours (i'm excited, and want them). They are now looking at making a pink processor! Wow, it be good.

Andrew - Talk about equipments they you could try when using the phone/mobile
I liked this session, I tried out this bluetooth device which I tried out for the first time. The blue device called 'Geemarc CL Bluehook ' which you can buy from 'Connevans' As I tried it, you didn't need to change hooks or anything, you only had to turn you setting to a loops channel and place the hook over your ears. While I tried it, Andrew tried phoning me and I only had to press answer on the phone and then just listen through the blue tooth device. It sounded quite good because I were in the same room he sounds robotic and because I were lip-reading him while he were talking there were a bit of a delay on the voice I hear. So, I decided to go out the room and see if I could hear him then. Sue were out of the room with me and andrew were in the other and decided to ask me a question to see if I could get what he said. He asked me " how long it took you to get to the Ear Foundation" I heard what he said and ask sue and she nodded yes, and I answer back. It was great to hear out of that and now I am thinking of buying one once I have more practise with talking to other people on the phone.
Maria - Telephone Commuication tips

This session was all about how to communicate better on the phone and how to make the better of it. It was good practise by using these useful role play scripts. I tried out talking on the phone to Maria while she was out in another room and had to listen out what she said and talk to her back. I managed to do it and while following the scripts, I manage to pick out some of the words in the sentences. It a good way of learning.

Here one script and give it go!

Sam; Hello?
John: Hi! Its John. Can I speak to Sam please?
Sam: Hi John! It's me! How are you?
John: Fine thanks. Are you coming over on Thursday?
Sam: Yes. What time do you want me?
John: How about 8pm.
Sam: That;s Great. I'll bring a bottle of wine.
John: Sounds better by the minute.
Sam: See you Thursday then. Bye
John: Bye.
Using this Scripted conversation really does help and the more practise you do the better you'll get. I am now practicing more and hopefully i'll get better at it.
Anyway after a successful day at the Ear Foundation, some of us decided to go out for a Chinese meal to help celebrate Abi's birthday. We all had a great evening and are now looking forward to the next upcoming Ear Foundation dates!
Me and Debs who also has an AB processor


Debs said...

Not sure about pink processor!!!

Manda the Photographer said...

Me neither! I have decided to get one provide by the social worker or by phonak so will wait and see what happen next

Laura's medical journey said...

hehe looks like you had a productive day eh?? bet your CI ear was tired out afterwards!

AND i know you relaly wanted to pink coz u tried spraying them haha :P im sure they will have pink in noo time!