Monday, 25 January 2010

Harmony Batteries!

Has anyone ever accidently picked up a used battery from the charger, and didn't look at the led light to see how much battery life it had and went out without a spare one, thinking the battery is not gonna die on you till the end of the day? How do you all feel when the power cuts off on you during the day?

My cochlear implant battery has never ever died on me through the day, every morning I put on a fully charged battery and it would normally last me a whole day (roughly12 hrs) and if I stay up later, I don't normally replace it and just leave the implant on my head while the battery flat.

Today, for the first time since I have had my Cochlear Implant, the battery power actually went dead on me while at university. I accidently took the wrong battery and it wasn't fully charge.

When it went off, I actually thought there were something up with the processor. I was without my processor for the whole afternoon at university. I didn't bring a spare one with me and I couldn't see if it was just the battery. That afternoon, while I was at university, I had only a note-taker and because I could lip-read the lecturer I had. we had to work in groups and even though all my friends knew me very well that I do lip-read a lot. I did had to warn my friends that my cochlear implant has stopped working that they would need to tap me for my attention rather than calling my name out. Thanks to my lip-reading skill, I managed that afternoon really well. Not hearing through my processor that afternoon actually reminded me what it used to be like before my cochlear implant and how hard I had to concentrate. From now on.... I must check the led light before putting my processor on. I hate being without my cochlear implant now, it really does mean a lot to me and when I have it on I really do relaxs more.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

ClearVoice for HiRes Fidelity 120

2010 has come so quick, hasn't it? Anyway, I hope you'd a brilliant Xmas. I have had a good Xmas, spend 2 weeks goin' from Scarbrough to Manchester with my family and Rich's family. I actually lost count on how many Xmas dinner I had, we visited so many places.

Anyway. I would like to say Happy New Year Everyone. I hope you all will have a good year. I've got lots of things to look forward to, especially summer. I just hope this year go pretty quick because this time next year we should hopefully hear from the N.I.C.E guidance (National Institut for Health and Clinical Excellence) and hopefully they will finally say 'YES' to let us adults go "BILATERAL." I really do want a 2nd cochlear implant and I hope to get it before I completed my degree so I could go straight into teaching without havin' to worry about another operation, or going the rehab process. So, fingers cross.

Just looked on Advanced Bionics website, thought I'd share this to you all just incase you haven't seen it - ClearVoice - Revolutionary Technology to Help Patients Hear Speech Clearly to find out more please click on the links;

It looks very interesting and I am interested to see how much this ClearVoice would help me too.

Right. I'd better be off. First day back at university tomorrow. I can't believe how quickly this Xmas hoilday ended.

Ciao x