Thursday, 14 January 2010

ClearVoice for HiRes Fidelity 120

2010 has come so quick, hasn't it? Anyway, I hope you'd a brilliant Xmas. I have had a good Xmas, spend 2 weeks goin' from Scarbrough to Manchester with my family and Rich's family. I actually lost count on how many Xmas dinner I had, we visited so many places.

Anyway. I would like to say Happy New Year Everyone. I hope you all will have a good year. I've got lots of things to look forward to, especially summer. I just hope this year go pretty quick because this time next year we should hopefully hear from the N.I.C.E guidance (National Institut for Health and Clinical Excellence) and hopefully they will finally say 'YES' to let us adults go "BILATERAL." I really do want a 2nd cochlear implant and I hope to get it before I completed my degree so I could go straight into teaching without havin' to worry about another operation, or going the rehab process. So, fingers cross.

Just looked on Advanced Bionics website, thought I'd share this to you all just incase you haven't seen it - ClearVoice - Revolutionary Technology to Help Patients Hear Speech Clearly to find out more please click on the links;

It looks very interesting and I am interested to see how much this ClearVoice would help me too.

Right. I'd better be off. First day back at university tomorrow. I can't believe how quickly this Xmas hoilday ended.

Ciao x


Anonymous said...

whats up!, I am new to this place. This website's amazing, I have learned tons from it already!

Katie-Louise's Cochlear Implant Blog said...

Thanks, Glad you liked my blogpost!

Anonymous said...

great article. I would love to follow you on twitter.

icaneatcanti said...

hey i'm new to your blog. back in the days when i first got my implant... it wasn't easy for me to find personal' stories on cochlear implant. i really wanted to read someone's experience!! i have CIs, bilaterally. i wrote a little bit about it in my blog, about me section. i'm gonna add you to my g-reader so i can follow ya (;