Saturday, 12 December 2009

Skin It - My design!

Those of you that doesn't know what is 'Skin It' Check out this website

you can customize your sound processor to match your mood or make a fashion statement. Dress your processor up with your favorite colors, sports teams, or works of art. You can choose from hundreds of designs or even upload your own graphics for a completely unique look.

"Lets show other that we don't only have fashionable clothes, we also have fashionable procesoors"

Check out my design - At the moment I have decided to wear pink zebra and Twilight "Edwards" mixed, I love Twilight, so I thought I put Edwards on.

I have also got a few other designs such as 'St Geogre Flag'that will used when I repersent England again, pink with Derby County logo on and I have a Xmas one which will be used while I am in Scarbrough. (I will try and upload thoses when I have put them on my processor in the future)

Go ahead and Design yours now....

Friday, 11 December 2009

2nd Xmas with my Cochlear Implant

14 days till Xmas and still I haven't finished all my Xmas shopping. University has kept me ever so busy - we had this big Science project, which was interesting but hard and finally we have finished it. Feeling positive about the overall project results. Just one more week left at university then finally we get 3 weeks off, which is needed.

So, what have I been upto over the past few weeks? well, I have had a few trip to Ropewalk Cochlear Implant centre; I had a slight problem with my cochlear implant - struggling to control the sounds and feeling uncomfortable in loud and quiet situation. Somehow when I'm in lecture and the room is quie, it feels like my teacher who is talking to the class that is stand about 5 metres away voice sounds as if she is right next to me and when the voice is loud, I tend to feel it more. Not only that, sitting in a canteen at university the loud background noises got over the top and I got so uncomfortable feeling and hearing it.

So after seening my audiologist about it, it finally got sorted and now I have some new setting and some loudness has been clipped and have a programme where the volume is on lock to stop it turning it up itself which now after 2 weeks with the programme, I have felt so much better and is not seems to be having an problems at all - no more trips to the Implant Centre till my 2year appointment, I hope.

Recently I went to the Ear Foundation Xmas Social and for the 2nd time I've been on the microphone again doing the Xmas Quiz. I could see the different in myself from last years quiz and this years quiz - I felt more confident and I didn't worry too much about my speech. My speech has improved alot - being at university and being surrounded by hearing friends all the time has really helped me though I do still need to work on the loudness of my speech and of course try and say all these biology words properly. Everytime I do a presentation and when I present it sometimes there a word that I struggle to say and sometimes I tend to stutter and give up quite easily and just say "that word" all my mates just laughs, which I don't mind becuase they all understand and my lecture is ok with it and it doesn't effect my marks which is a releif. I don't sign as much anymore so I think that maybe another reason why my speech as improved alot too.

I have added a few pictures of me on the mike and of course you may notice the rudolph on my coil that I created - everyone loves it and have asked me to make some for them. It was a brilliant weekend and It was nice to have Kezia from AB popping in to see us all.

I suppose some of you have noticed my last post "stolen bike" Still no news on that but is feeling positive that I will get it back. However sometime next year I'll be having a knee operation (sports injury) which I hope, the recovery time doesn't take to long - I don't fancy having another year out of sport like I did with my ankle and is hop-ing around everywhere in university on those horrible crutches.

Now Xmas is coming up, I'll be spending my xmas hoilday down in Scarbrough along with the rest of my family and of course go to the church and see If I can keep up with the Xmas song and this year do better at following the lyrics.

So thats it for me now, finally the weekend here and I am off out to see a few friends and enjoy spending sometime with my family and maybe to a bit of online xmas shopping If I have time rather than going out in the cold spending ages searching to buy a certain thing.

Enjoy the Xmas season everyone.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Styling Your Cochlear Implant (Getting Ready for Xmas)

Hey all,
Getting ready for Xmas?? I can't believe Xmas is just round the corner. Anyway, today I went to town today to finish off the last bit of Xmas shopping. Finally I got it all done and now I've gotta do the last part; wrapping them all up - I think I'd end up wrapping myself up since I'm not good at it.

Anyway while I went round town. I saw some Reindeers hair clips - I thought they look so cute then as I looked at them I came up with an idea - lets pimp out my processor into an christmassy Cochlear Implant. I knew I had a party to go to this weekend, so I thought, why not I'll just buy it and when I get home I'll see what I can do with them.

So, instead of wrapping up the xmas present - I decided to turn the reindeer hair clip into a reindeer coil cover. check it out

It is quite simple to make. All I did was buy the clips that has an xmas charactor on then cut down the clip where there is a small peice of metal left on the back of the reindeer, file the edges so it isn't sharp to either scratch or cut something and then just stick it on your magnetic coil. So after making it, heres the result.........

Now have fun and you try it.

Please Note that this does not damage your processor!

Merry Xmas everyone,