Saturday, 29 November 2008

I'm Buzzzin!

I can't believe November is almost over. This year flew by so quick! This monday will be the 1st of Dec, woop! It's freezing over here, still, we had no snow yet, grr!

On Monday,

*I'll be putting up my count down advent calandar (i'm a big kid) - hmmmm, chocolate <- All for me, (hehe)

* Going to Ropewalk for my 9months mapping <- I really can't wait to see how much my results has improved (watch out for 9months postin)

* Putting up the xmas tress and decoration. I so can't wait to hear the bells and the talking santa that we have. First xmas with a C.I - should I decorate my DRI box too? lol

* hopefully do some more xmas shopping, that's if i'm not stuck on my xmas tree.
I am not only doing a count down for xmas, I am also looking forward to going to London on the 15th to See 'Gareth Gates' performing Cinderella and going hopefully I will get to hear big ben clock going " DING-DONG, when I go near it.

anyway, that's it for me now.

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Enjoy the new playlist - let's get into the xmas spirit!

2nd Implant!

7 months later after being switched on, I am now hearing, smiling and enjoying my life alot better with my C.I it just gets better < - I'm always saying this!

My right ear is just doing nothing. H-aids are hopeless. Should I get a 2nd C.I? well, I want one, I would love to hear out of both ears, I would then be all ears.

Since reading the N.I.C.E reports said :

They now recommends Unilateral implantation for those who do not benefit from hearing aids and simultaneous bilateral implantation for children and adults who are blind.

Reading this, It looks like it going to be alot harder for me to have a 2nd one. Though, I wonder if that's gonna change in the future, I do hope so. I guess I just have to wait and see.

Monday, 24 November 2008


Since I have had the implant, its good to help other who is going through the assessment, surgery and post activation, because I have been through the same boats and know what it like to go through.

Now, I have been meeting more and more implant users, and has enjoyed listening to their experinces and sharing my experince. I can't believe how many friends I have that has a Cochlear Implant and how many of them I have met.

If we didn't have the support, we wouldn't get very far. So, I'm pleased to see that people are around to help each other; let continue to do this!

So, here are some new implantee or implantee to be. Check out their blog storys.


I first met kirsty during the time she were at her assessment stages, she wanted to talk and meet someone about cochlear implant, and I was happy to go ahead and talk to her about it. Now she has finally had her operation last tuesday and it went so well, all the best on your switch on date on the 12th (GOOD LUCK)

Here's kirsty blog links :


I spoken to Amanda alot through CIUG website and became good friends on facebook and Msn, she is a photographor. check out her site : I first met manada over the weekend as we went to Deaf social night and we also celebrate her birthday and have a good chat about cochlear implant along with Richard and a locoal implantee, Abi that also had C.I. After talking to her, it help her to take things off her mind worrying about the operation. Amanda is having her operation this thurs (Good Luck) we'll be all thinking of you.

here's Amanda blog links:

Please do check out their blogs!

New C.I moment. - Noisy Zoo!

Today, because it was my day off at universtiy, myself and Richard decided to spend a day at Twycross Zoo.

I have been to twycross zoo loads of time, but everytime i go, it was just all visual, and so silent.

Visiting the Zoo today has been amazing, I didn't realise the zoo can be sooo noisy, the monkey made so much noise and they all had different sounds. It was good to hear different sounds from chimp, gorillas, parrots, elephant. This has been my first experince with them, check out a few pictures that were taken
Getting a ride from a gorilla (this is a statue, not a real one)
He's sooo cute! this was the noisy one!

*more will be uploaded soon - to see them now, check out my facebook >>>..

Thursday, 20 November 2008

New C.I moment

Last night, just before it was my bedtime. I came back from some mates house, which we had loads of fun. We all ended up talking about Ghost, for some reason. It was Jess that brought that up and she even told us a ghost story that her dad told her.

When I go home decided to jump on my bed and carry on reading my book. The room was sooo quiet and that no-one was in the room, accept me.

As I was reading my book (nobody perfect) I still had my cochlear implant on, normally I would take it off and put it away to bed (dri box) half an hour before bed, this time i didn't.

I heard a strange noise, which sounded like a cat, meiow at me. I looked around to see wheather it was my cat in the room, looking at me, which she usually meiow at me if she is hungry or wants a fuss. I looked around, she wasn't around. How weird was that, I even checked under my bed to see if she was there.

In the end, I gaved up looking for her and got back to reading my book. The noise started again. I had these wierd idea thinking it was a ghost, I do have a crazy mind.

I hate talking about ghost, sometimes it takes me ages to get to sleep, even if i watched a horror film, I would normal be behind the sofa trying to avoid watching it if i were at my mates house.

As the noise goes on and on, I gaved up and went downstairs, I asked my mum to come up in my room. I told her I was hearing these weird noises, my dad laughted, he said "maybe it is a ghost" Now, he's trying to wind me up, lol.

When my mum got into my room, she said she can't hear anything. I told her to wait and sit on my bed and be quiet. Finally, I heard it again. "Mum, did you hear that?," I said. My mum, walked by the window and said your window isn't fully shut! I knew that, I just wanted it a little open because it got too hot in the room at night. My mum said "the noise comin from your window." I was like "uh??, but why would it make that noise" I didn't realise that the wind blowing through the tiny gap makes a weird sound! it was like wooooo, ooooo! So, after I realised, I went downstairs for a bit. My dad said " did the ghost jump out at you" Now, he is trying to wind me up. I just ended saying "yeah, it did, do you want to meet him?" lol.

Hearing the wind howling was all new to me, and yes, another C.I moment. How great was that!!

anyway, more news - today, I received a letter from England(football), I got called up, again - woop! I wonder where we heading off to next, eh! "

Also, I got a new award for 'The Top Health Blogger'. It is now up at the side of this post!

Sunday, 16 November 2008

My brother got his own back on me!

Have you ever done something so cruel to someone and that someone tried to get their own back on you?

I have a little brother, and he's hearing. We're both so close and spend most of our time hanging out with each other and almost go anywhere together. My brother has always been so protective over me and that he like to help with my communication.

Anywhere where I go, he's always making sure I fit and and understands what everyone saying. He is actually thinking about being an interpreter when he leaves school.

Sometime, my brother and I like to tease or wind each other up.

Last year, sometimes around 6pm, my brother had finished school fallen asleep on the sofa. My sister dared me to get a saucepan with a spactular and hit it to make a LOUD noise to wake him up. As I did it, he woked up with a big shock. We all thought it was funny and my brother said " Right, I am gonna get my own back on you"

Since I was deaf, he was unable to do that to me, whenever I fall asleep anyone can make any noise and what ever noise there is, I wouldn't wake up! That's a good thing about being deaf, coz no-one can disturb your beauty sleep :-P

Now I had a cochlear implant, normally I wouldn't fall asleep with it because the noise would distract me and may never get to sleep.

Friday, after I finished university there was no-one home accept my dogs. The first thing I did was let the dogs in the garden and sat down in the living room.

As I sat down I thought I start reading the new book by marlee matlin (nobody's perfect) After a long day, I nodded off to sleep not realising that I left my implant on because the room was soooo quiet!

I must been asleep for about half an hour and that my brother came home from school with his mate that was stopping for tea. My brother and my mate walked into the room, they both saw me asleep, my brother didn't worry to much about the noise he makes becuase he thought I would of took my implant offm like I always do.

Then, while they both were on the playstation, my brother said to my mate "why does she sleep with her implant one" My brother said "she doesn't". Still, I had no idea they were home I must be very tired and went into a deep sleep

Since my brother realise I still had my implant on. Guess what he decided to do?

Got the saucepan and the Spactular and BANG! BANG! BANG!

I heard that and woked up with a big shock! How cruel is he, eh?

My brother got so excited, he couldn't wait to tell my mum the whole story! lol.

I guessed my brother ment every word when he said he'll get his own back. lol This proves the implant works well for me very well!

Saturday, 15 November 2008

New C.I moment - Food Shopping

Early this morning, I have woken up so early. Unlike most weekend, I like to have a little lie in when theres no football training or matches, because I got up so early, I decided to go food shopping with my dad. This was the first time in ages!

While I were pushing the trolley up and down these lanes and my dad was reading the food-list that my mum has written, my dad picked up these foods from the shelf, putting them in the trolley. As I were pushing this trolley, I notice a sounds, but didn't know where it were coming from. The noise sounded like someone screaming, it only seem to happen when I were pushing it and it stopped, when I stopped the trolley. So, I tried again, push it and stop it. After repeating my move, and watched the trolley. I then clicked on, and I realized where the noise were coming from ,heres me going "Ah-ha, Bingo!! Dad, did you hear that?"

My dad said "yeah, it's from the wheels of the trolley". I was like "wow!" but at the same time going "eurgh! That sounded horrible" So, now i knew what was making that horrible noise after a while, I got fed up with it. I said to dad, "these people looking at me as if it made me feel like I am making the noise, when I'm not!"

My dad said "don't worry, only two more lanes to go" I was like, Oh-No, even more people going to look at me! In the end, I did turn round and said " Dad, why not I collect the food and you push the trolley" My dad seems to agree, for some reason, he forgot his glasses and was struggling to read my mums writing. No wonder he took ages to read one word and acting weird towards the small bit of paper! I just hope he got half of the list right when we got home, lol.

So, we swap and dad had all the attention from the people, When he pushed his trolley. He didn't mind, but I was smiling all the way every time it made a sound. I was please that I could hear it, and also heard sounds from the paying desk when they scanned the food, it made two bleeps per an item

So, Some tips for me when I next go food shopping, is to make sure the wheels on the trolley are not old and noisy!

Monday, 3 November 2008

New C.I moment - Fireworks

This evening I went to watch fireworks along with my family at a local park that has organised it.

It the first time I ever heard fireworks. I didn't know they whistle as they go up. Though, I did know they used to make a bang as I used to feel the vibration to the loud ones. They make all different sounds and its so amazing. I love fireworks, they are so beautiful in the black sky.

I also heard sparklers popping and crackling today, I didn't know they make noises too.

How good can this hearing journey gets. There so much I have learn in the past 6 months. I certainly can't wait to see what I can hear during xmas and new year :-)

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Adult C.I Users Day (Ear Foundation)

Yesterday, I got a chance to spend a day at the Adults C.I user day at the Ear Founation, Nottingham. Despite being the youngest of them all and alot of them were much older than me, I totally enjoyed it and enjoyed meeting others.

I actually learnt alot in one day, I learnt about all theses new techonology and what you can add to you cochlear implant with Andrew the Audiologist. There were so many things you can add which actually impress me. I even got to try out this Ipod with this loop thing, but unfortunally it didn't work as my implant wasn't programmed for that, never mind hopefully it will next time.

We also talked about radio aids,telephone and any other equipment that will work with the implant. So, here me thinking about trying out this small radio aid system and see if it helps me at university, so, gotta get in touch with my audiogist and give it a try!

There also great speech listening advice from Maria. Maria gave us different website links, which has listening practise of different people with different accents, also about the hearingjourny - Theres a thing that you can download of your ipod and listen to too. It was very useful, already me and Richard has given it a go to see how it helps us.

After a good morning session, we had lunch and I got a chance to talk to other implantees, it was interesting to hear their experinces. Also it was good to share my experinces to those who are thinking about having a Cochlear Implant or who already has them.

After a good hour of talking to others. We had a visitor called Geoff Plant from Boston, US. He was very entertaining and gave us informative session about getting the most out of music with our implants. While he were playing the music, it was great to be able listen to the music that he played. Some I was able to hear and I manage to follow a few words with the lyrics. Most of the group reconised these types of music soome were quite old, for me, I had no knowlodge about these types of music and it was good to learn something new. I actually had some help from sue who works at the ear founation, she told me who were these music are made by. Just because I didn't know who the artist were, it certainly didn't stop me dancing and the others join in with me. It good to liven everyone up. :-)

Since I am new to music, I also got a chance to share one of my music that I first started to listen to. Alot of them never heard it because it now in the charts these days but I was pleased they enjoyed it too.

After a enjoyable session, it was good to catch up with my speech therapy she was please that my voice is getting better - I'm pleased to hear that I am using it. Also, my old audiologist that I did all my assessment. She notice that I've change and how my confidence has grown.

The other good thing was, they had an interpreter during Geoff session. I was able to cut down on using the interpreter by lip-reading and listening to Geoff. He was quite clear and I was able to understand him. The only time I used the interpreter is was when there somthings I didn't understand or when the others spoken where I couldn't see there lips. so, there some acheivement in me. :-) woop!

Just before I left the ear foundation, some implantee from C.I.UG yahoo group have asked me to bring my pumpkins that had a C.I. So, I brought them in to show them to the rest of the group. They all loved it. I was surprised on how many of them them wanted pictures. It's seem like my little pumpkins has become popular and famous. It's was a shame they had no arms to give autographs away, ha ha.

anyway, that's it for me now. It's has been a long and a great week.

keep coming back for more future post ;-)