Thursday, 20 November 2008

New C.I moment

Last night, just before it was my bedtime. I came back from some mates house, which we had loads of fun. We all ended up talking about Ghost, for some reason. It was Jess that brought that up and she even told us a ghost story that her dad told her.

When I go home decided to jump on my bed and carry on reading my book. The room was sooo quiet and that no-one was in the room, accept me.

As I was reading my book (nobody perfect) I still had my cochlear implant on, normally I would take it off and put it away to bed (dri box) half an hour before bed, this time i didn't.

I heard a strange noise, which sounded like a cat, meiow at me. I looked around to see wheather it was my cat in the room, looking at me, which she usually meiow at me if she is hungry or wants a fuss. I looked around, she wasn't around. How weird was that, I even checked under my bed to see if she was there.

In the end, I gaved up looking for her and got back to reading my book. The noise started again. I had these wierd idea thinking it was a ghost, I do have a crazy mind.

I hate talking about ghost, sometimes it takes me ages to get to sleep, even if i watched a horror film, I would normal be behind the sofa trying to avoid watching it if i were at my mates house.

As the noise goes on and on, I gaved up and went downstairs, I asked my mum to come up in my room. I told her I was hearing these weird noises, my dad laughted, he said "maybe it is a ghost" Now, he's trying to wind me up, lol.

When my mum got into my room, she said she can't hear anything. I told her to wait and sit on my bed and be quiet. Finally, I heard it again. "Mum, did you hear that?," I said. My mum, walked by the window and said your window isn't fully shut! I knew that, I just wanted it a little open because it got too hot in the room at night. My mum said "the noise comin from your window." I was like "uh??, but why would it make that noise" I didn't realise that the wind blowing through the tiny gap makes a weird sound! it was like wooooo, ooooo! So, after I realised, I went downstairs for a bit. My dad said " did the ghost jump out at you" Now, he is trying to wind me up. I just ended saying "yeah, it did, do you want to meet him?" lol.

Hearing the wind howling was all new to me, and yes, another C.I moment. How great was that!!

anyway, more news - today, I received a letter from England(football), I got called up, again - woop! I wonder where we heading off to next, eh! "

Also, I got a new award for 'The Top Health Blogger'. It is now up at the side of this post!

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