Saturday, 29 November 2008

I'm Buzzzin!

I can't believe November is almost over. This year flew by so quick! This monday will be the 1st of Dec, woop! It's freezing over here, still, we had no snow yet, grr!

On Monday,

*I'll be putting up my count down advent calandar (i'm a big kid) - hmmmm, chocolate <- All for me, (hehe)

* Going to Ropewalk for my 9months mapping <- I really can't wait to see how much my results has improved (watch out for 9months postin)

* Putting up the xmas tress and decoration. I so can't wait to hear the bells and the talking santa that we have. First xmas with a C.I - should I decorate my DRI box too? lol

* hopefully do some more xmas shopping, that's if i'm not stuck on my xmas tree.
I am not only doing a count down for xmas, I am also looking forward to going to London on the 15th to See 'Gareth Gates' performing Cinderella and going hopefully I will get to hear big ben clock going " DING-DONG, when I go near it.

anyway, that's it for me now.

keep coming back and don't forget to comment ;-)
Enjoy the new playlist - let's get into the xmas spirit!


Manda the Photographer said...

I still think you are mad and such a cheesy big kid! lol This Month gonna be a strange month for me. A switch on would be a great xmas present! :)

Laura's medical journey said...

Christmas is nearly here! SO excited!
ive got my list and checking it twice heh! :d

I bet ull be going to see Gareth when he does "joseph and techinccoloured dreamcoat!!?? hehe

Im gona LOVE christmas this yr! For the first time i can shop til i drop for a great dress & look great in it! :D


deafgirlmelissa said...

I hope you have a GREAT first christmas with yr CI!! And you'll be able to hear all the new christmassy sounds!

I'm stuck on christmas shopping for friends lol ill have to go out and look for something.

I hope youll be able to hear Big Ben!

I cant remember what it sounds like but ill be able to listen and hear on fri on my trip to London hehe

Take care!!