Tuesday, 9 December 2008

9 months - what a result!

Woah, it's been almost a week ago since I've had my 9 months mapping, and still, i haven't yet posted it up! I have been soooo busy and I haven't found the time to pop on the computer untill today, yep i'm having a lazy day!

here we are..

Monday 1st Drc - 9months mapping

Unlike other mapping, I would normal get connected to the computer and get my implant turn up and altered on different frequency. This time, it was different, instead of getting connected up, I went striaght for a hearing test.

Carina wanted to see how I am hearing now with the mapping I have right now before she could do any changes. So, I went in a and the usual hearing test we I need to press the button every time i heared a sound.

The test went well, I heared alot of it, I just wasn't hearing the very quiet sounds but I was hearing better than the last test with the same mapping.

So, after I had the test; Carina then knows what needs changing.

So, in the room where i got connected up to the computer for the implant to be programmed again. Carina first check how well my nerves responsed, which i didnt have to do anything accept sit down and relax.

After that was done, I had to listen out for the sounds and point to this paper that says: loud, medium, or soft etc.

After that was done, I went back and did some test,

I did the BKS test, beat last time result and got 90%
Cuny test again, I beat last time score and got 90%

I was pleased to do my result and coudnlt believe how much i have improved in 9 months, how briliant is that.

After i did those test, Carina decided to challenge me and I tried this new test that i have never ever done before, I did a BKS test but with a noisy background, which was all hissing sounds. I had to guess what that person say, I didn't do to bad and got 36% or 38% for the very first time.

Now all my mapping is over, I don't need to be back at the implant centre till my 18months.

so, thats my 9 months result - sorry it took soooo long to post it up.

(the picture is me my friend Lizzie who has a NF implant both wearing our new winter hat)


Laurie said...

Those are great results! Keep up the good work!

Katie-Louise's Cochlear Implant Blog said...

thanks :-D

Hope your well, and hope ur hearing journey going TOP BANANAS!

Laura's medical journey said...

Well done katie! Glad its all going well and your hearing scores are getting higher as time goes on! :)

keep it up! Saw your pics of the busy weekend on facebook! Your hats look great!! my brother has a hat like that and he has like little wool baubles on too! I wanted one lol

Laura x

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Hey Katie-Louise,

Well done, you! (I just love British expressions such as that one--and it seemed to fit perfectly! I think it all started when I started watching Hugh Grant movies.)

Brilliant 9 month check up!! I'm really happy for you!

Jennifer ❤