Sunday, 14 December 2008

Eye twitching on loud sounds?

Ever since i've had my 9 months tuning; I have experience a few twitching in my eye.
problems at all untill I went to the canteen for lunch. I sat down with a few friends and everytime a very loud sound comes along
I have never experience anything like this before. It all started after my 9 months tuning. After my implant been change to a new setting, I was switched back on and listening with the volume was set as 12 o'clock and when my audiologist ask how it was, and did a few noise to see if it sounded ok and if its too loud or not. I thought the sounds felt fine and it was comfortable to listen to, it wasn't too loud or wasn't too quiet. As we finished with the new mapping we went back in this room for another hearing test, everything sounded alright and things wasn't loud. I was happy to go home with that level.

When I got home everything was fine, I had no problems, nothing bothered me or anything and I didn't need to turn it down or turn it up, I was just happy on where the volume was set.

As I went to university the next day, I had no my eye would twitch a little. I had 4 hearing friends with me at the time, and every time my eye twitch, it looks like I were winking at them.

The twitching didn't bothered me at all at first, but after about half an hour when more louds sound jumps in the twitching continue to repeat and at every loud sounds it did it again and again. So, i thought i'll turn the implant down a little bit to see if it made any different; the slight twitching did stopped.

When I went back in lecture, I would turn my implant back to the normal level the white dot would be facing upwards to 12 0'clock. When I were at home, it would stay on the same level.

The next day at lunch time in university it happened again and had to turn it down.. It didn't just happend at uni, it happen when i went to clothes live show, with the loud music. I enjoyed it but had to turn it down a bit because of the slight twitching then when i left the building i would turn it up back to 12 0'clock.

Yesterday I went to the ear foundation social, becuase there were loads of people, it was loud I didn't turn it down, and when I was in the room where the food was, dyan who is my speech and language therispt was walking around and I could hear her heels clashing to the floor making a loud tap, my eye started to twitch on each step she made. I didn't turn it down as I thought it would only last a few minutes and I was ok with it.

When I went in the room where most people was, I heard group of children running around, screaming etc My twitching got worse so I turn it right down so I was happy.

I did tell dyan about it, and ask her if it was normal to have that? she thinks I should go back and get it sorted - she said she will mention it to carina. I did thought about e-mailing my audiologist last week, but I decided to give it a few days see if it the twitching decrease as it was still early days of just getting used to the new mapping.

I am happy with the mapping I got, just the twitching that tend to bother me in the nosey area. when I am at home or in a place where there not much noise I would want to turn it back to 12'oclock but if i was in a place where its noisey the volume is turned right down. - I wouldn't dare turn it up any louder cos either my brain would shake or i would get more twitching lol.

so, I'm just wondering what I should do, get it turn down just a little or leave it the way it is and just turn it down when i go to a noisey place. The twitch doesn't hurt at all, it just like someone tapping. I never had that problem before, so this is new.

Is this normal, and have anyone had the same problem? Would the twitching fade away if I leave it and become used to it?


Laura's medical journey said...

ive not experienced twiching but i think you should call the ci centre see if theres anything they can do about it? they might come in anc change a few programming?

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

You know all about Amanda's twitching, so we can empathize with you. My understanding is that each time you are remapped, it will be different because your brain is different. So even if you loved a particular map at one point, it could be different in the future.

Since you hadn't had twitching before, it would probably be a good idea to have a a retuneup and get things adjusted.

Let us know how it goes.

Jennifer and Amanda

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