Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Away from Home and A phone call from?

Over the past week, I was hardly at home because of university, seening friends, football training and away for the weekend etc.

Since I haven't been home much, every time I arrive at home, my mum wasn't there, I seem to have missed her since she works different times and everytime she arrives home, I wasn't there. so, while I were at a friends house for a full weekend after playing in a football tournament, watching a Live Fashion Show and going to a Deaf Social night.

Finally I got to sit down rest at my mates. While resting, my phone was in my pocket, if i recieve a text it bleeps once, I would normally hear that as it quite loud. This timie, my phone ended up bleeping loads of times, I was like, eh, thats not normal. so, I took my phone out - looked at my phone screen and it said "Mum" I was like, why would mum be ringing me, she noramally text me.

So, I thought, I answer it and see if i my mum realised she ringing me and decided to put the phone down. I answered it and said "hello" I then listened and see if i could make out what she would say.

The first thing my mum said was "How are you, can you hear me ok"? I heard all of it very well, and I said "yeah I can hear you, why are you ringing me?" My mum turn round and said, she thought she'll give me a practise!

We spoke for a while, normally my short phone call would last less than 5 minutes, this time it lasted more than 10 minutes. We had a good covonversation, she was missing me and wanted to see how I am! I was really impressed with myself that I could hear my mum very well and clear and only had to ask her to repeat once. My mum was so pleased that I could hear her so well and now, she said she'll ring me everytime I am away to give me more practice and when she missing me, aw isn't that sweet! :-D

How amazing is that! I loved every minute of my phone call and now I wanna try a have a go at ringing someone esle!


Vivie said...

awww nice..made me want to cry with your mum!!

That's terrific!!

Laura's medical journey said...

Thats ace katie! :D Looks like you are coming on leaps and bounds with your implant!! One good thing after another isnt it?!! :D

Not bad for a first try on your mobile eh??

Keep it up!


Charlotte said...

Well done