Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Xmas Meal - Woah! what's that noise?

Today, I went out with a group of friends from my university class for a christmas meal

All my friends are hearing and I am the only one that is deaf. Its the first time I ever went out for a meal, I went to a party once with them before, but I never went out for a meal with hearing peers before.

I had a great time, the communication between us wasn't much of a problem; they were all very deaf aware. They knew they had to face me if they want to talk to me so I could lip-read them, when they all talking together as a group, one of them would tell me what the topic about and make it easier or me to know they are talking about.

As we were eating the meal, we all had Crackers and Party poppers. I never knew they made noise. I turn the other way talking to my friend, josphine and one of my friends set a party popper off and made a loud bang. As I were talking to her, I suddenly turn around and said what was that, then I saw theses colourul straw coming from it. I was like wow, I didn't know they made noises.

Also, I had a xmas cracker, josephine helped me pull mine and I helped her to pull hers to open it. They also made a noise as we were pulling it. I didn't even know they would. I mean, last year I remenber pulling it and that was about it, you see it rip and get to see what inside it. I didn't at all think they would make sounds - How strange.

So, I learnt something new today. Not only I heard that, normally if we're in a noisey place ever time I talk to someone, they would ask me to repeat because I talk so quiet, after going back to uni for the last lecture. I realise that the loudness of my speech was ok while I were in the resturant as I didn't needed to repeat at all. So, that's good and now know when to raise my voice.


Laura's medical journey said...

aceeeee! You'll soon be shouting like me haha
you forgot the sound of the hats :) xx

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Terrific, Katie-Louise! Hey, how's the twitching going with loud sounds?? Was it difficult at the dinner? Have you been able to get a mapping in? Or maybe your brain has adjusted??

Jennifer :-)

Nicola said...

Wow, great blog :)