Friday, 19 December 2008

How weird was that?

Ever since I've had a new setting after I had problems with twitching in the eye, well today at university I was in the canteen and I didn't get a twitch at all. It seems like I am happy with my new settings.

The only thing I found that is so weird is that Carina my audiologist has set p2 as my old mapping that I had before 9 months so if i had any problems like twitching with the new mapping that is now on p3 the I could switch it back to the p2 to my old mapping. Well, today I had no twitch I just thought I'll see what my old map sound like.

I thought i'll watch eastenders with my new one which sounds better and watch easterends repeat with my old one, as I tried it - everthing sounded robotic on my old setting, each character sounded like a cartoon charactor, it is weird on how quickly you could adapt to the new setting and not liking the old one. After doing that it really does tell me that sounds do get better once you are used to it and one you've had new settings.


Laura's medical journey said...

hehe im the same I know the slightest difference or change in my map/programme.
i have the same programmeo on both my P1 and P2. so if anything happens to my P2 which i always switch on to when i turn it on, i can just change back to the same map on P1! :)

J.Matheson said...

Yeah, it happens to me all of the time. When I go back to the old map, it always sound robotic or too soft. It is a good thing because it shows that my brain adapt to the new map quickly.