Thursday, 11 December 2008

Fashion Show -New C.I moment

Over the weekend, while stopping at a friends house for a weekend. Lizzie and I took a visit to NEC in Birmingham to watch a fashion show. Lizzie and I are a big fan of clothes and we're always into anything fashion.

When we were at NEC we took a walk round at these clothes store and we came up to this thing that had head phones and you can listen to this music. Lizzie and I tried it out, becuase lizzie has had her implant for a long time, she had better experience than me and could Identify music right away, where I couldn't unless I heard it before. So, as I tried it out, I could hear the music very well. I have never tried big headphones like that before and never heard out of them. So, that day was the firs time i heard out of them and could hear the beats of the disco music.

Not only I heard out the head phones. This cat walk show started at half 12 and it had a big audiance where more than 2,000 people were there watching. We both manage to sit on row 'H' which wasn't to far off from the stage and as I sat down I could hear loads of people chatting away - I couldn't make out what they were saying, but didn't want to be rude and lip-read them to follow their convosation, lol.

When the show started a famous person walked on stage 'veron kay along with alesha dixon'- who presented the cat walk show.

When Veron started talking, I listened very carefully and I could hear what he were saying - I felt so pleased as I was able to pick out most words without having to look at him - it was so nice to meet him, Not only 'veron kay' were there.

A girl band called 'The saturdays' I have never been to a live show wih my implant before and seening that group sing was awesome - I could hear their voices along with the backing music. Now i have become a fan of 'The saturdays' and brought there single to put on my ipod.

so, what a day - brilliant experience and another C.I moment, Woop!

Me and lizzie

Check out 'The Saturday' song that they peformed to us! It has good beats - Hope you enjoy it

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Laura's medical journey said...

Looks like you had an ace time there keatie! Glad you are getting to love mucic!! woo!
Did you know that one of the girls in "the satu2rdays" used to be in "S Club Juniors"??