Sunday, 14 December 2008

Talking In Public - C.I xmas social!

I can't believe I have used my voice out loud to room full of people! I must of been talking for more that half an hour and had all eyes on to me. It all felt like a dream to me and its not like me talking to loads of people. Since being deaf and not hearing my own voice before implanted, I would just normally use sign language or get someone to voice over for me, this time it was the other way round. Can you believe it?

Today I was at 'The Ear Foundation Xmas Social' It was organised by me, david and Abi. The Xmas social was for us to get a chance to meet other implantees and enjoy the xmas fun.

While everyone were enjoying the xmas gathering. I had to do a Xmas quiz - My job was to tell everyone the rules, read out the questions and also give them the answer at the end. I can't believe I did that, I would never do anything like that before, I have never ever talked through a microphone before. I felt like a pop star; even though i wasn't singing ,lol.

Using my voice today - wow! isn't it just briliant. I didn't think I would see myself doing something like that once I have had the imlpant. Its a massive achievement. I felt so happy and proud that my confidents has grown more about using my speech not only to the people I know well, but in a group of people i don't know. I was so happy about the comments I had recieved from my speech language theripst, Dyan. She was the xmas social too. ;-D It was good to see her and get her involved in the 12 days of xmas singing and signing.

Not only i did the quiz, I also called out the numbers from the raffles, it felt like i was a bingo caller. <<- - Hey, that's my new job, NOT!! I am so looking forward to do more of this, who knows maybe next time, I probably see myself on stage acting and BUT using my voice next time < - I love acting, I have done a quite alot of pantos though I have never done it with my voice on and it has always been me using sign language. So, if i was to be in another pantomine and you won't see me signing, you'll be hearing my Voice

Signing 12 days of xmas

The 3 organisers of the day (abi, david and me)

So, that's it for me, i'm off to put my feet up and relaxs after a hard day, anyway hope you all had a good day and going so well with your xmas shopping! it isn't long now, woop!


Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

You go, Katie-Louise!! LIke I said on facebook, it was so exciting to see you with a microphone speaking to the group!! I'm really proud of you! Hugs, Jennifer

Laura's medical journey said...

WELL DONE! You did yourself proud yesterday! xx

Miss Kat's Parents said...

How amazing! I hope my own daughter will be this good someday!