Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Carol services! - New C.I Moment!

Tonight, i'll be going to a Carol Service along with my family at a church near by tonight! Every year my family likes to go and I have always went with them.. Every year my mum has always booked an interpreter for that service. So, I wouldn't feel to much left out.

Everytime I went, when ever they sing, I used to get bored, I couldn't hear or follow the music. I used to look around at all theses pictures on the walls and ceiling. Once I embarrased my self. while everyone was singing, everyone stand up and sang. I stand up too with a book in my hand and didn't sing at all - I was looking at the ceiling full of different jesus pictures and while I were looking at them, somehow, I didn't realise it has come to the end of the song and that everyone sat down, I just carried on looking at these pictures and then my dad tapped me and said you can sit down now lol, heres me being the last person to sit down; how embarrasing!

Not only that, before each song they noraml say the page number for what song, even though i had an interpreter, I didn't get what she said because someone head got in the way and I then tapped on this wooden share to get my brother attention, I didn't realise I was tapping loud and that my mum said "ssshhh" I was like opps, sorry. ( I have no hearing awareness)

After all thoses years going, tonight hopefully it be different, there will
be an interpreter still, but hopefully, i'l be able to follow them singing by following the lyrics. I had some practise with my mum by playing online carol songs and I followed them well. So, night i should be able to too.

anyway thats it for me now, have a NICE XMAS. I hope santa has given you plenty of gifts :-)



J.Matheson said...

Sound like my experiences at midnight mass through years. But when I was implanted for the first time, everything changed because I enjoy the mass more because I can hear and understand what the priest is talking about also the music. I am excited to go to one tonight with my friends.

Laura's medical journey said...

cant wait to hear if u sang along!! :) x