Thursday, 18 December 2008

Has the twitching disappeared?

Today I went back to Ropewalk, after experience some twitching.

As I went in the audiologist room where they get me connected up to the computer, I explained to carina what was hapening and when do I get a twitch. Carina explained that some people do tend to twitch on loud sounds or when they are going through the different sound when changing the electroces levels.

As she exlplained, she then connected me up to sort the problem out. Carina was to go through all the electrodes and putting them at loud sounds and for me to tell her when it makes me twitch or if she could see the twitching. While going through some, she played the tone and only a few of them causes the twitch and when it twitch she then turn down that electrodes that causes it, after going through thoses electrodes carina switched me back and and to test the loudness of it and see if it was ok. After turning it down on some of the electrodes I felt much better and didn't feel a twitch while she was talking. Carina and Richard decided to make other noise like banging the table or clapping there hands. I then had no twitch which was good. Carina thinks the twitches is caused by loud sounds, the implant was too loud for me, I did thought it was too loud, no wonder my implant was turn right down. Now thats sorted, carina has change the p1 2 and 3 setting. P-1 is for the loop, p-2 is before 9 months mapping and p3 is the new map i have now and using now. Carina thought I should have the setting that I had before 9 months on my processor as I never had problems, so if twitches or anything does happen I can switch on to P2.

Since switch on and every other mapping. I have been struggling to uses thoses scales that say no audio, soft > Meduim> Comfortable> Loud etc I founded it dificult to judge was loud and what was soft so that was another reason why my implant sounded to loud.

So, now I am out of the implant centre, everything sounded ok and it not robotic. which is good. I went out this evening and had no problems so far. So, tomororw i'll be back in university - hopefully going in the canteen or any other loud area it won't make a twitch.


deafgirlmelissa said...

Sometimes i do find it hard to decide if sound is too loud, comfortable or medium as I dont actually know if you know what i mean!
I'm glad your twitching has gone!
From your post I'm guessing my twitch occurs because it is too loud for me but the programme i have it on now is too quiet, i struggle to hear at times but they can't turn it up because it sets off my twitching. I cant win Lol. I hope you have twitching free days from now on!


Laura's medical journey said...

aw thats good katie!
no more winking at people now! hehe

Glad it aint too loud for you now and down to a comfortable sound! :)

fingers crossed the twitch is gone eh? :)