Monday, 24 November 2008

New C.I moment. - Noisy Zoo!

Today, because it was my day off at universtiy, myself and Richard decided to spend a day at Twycross Zoo.

I have been to twycross zoo loads of time, but everytime i go, it was just all visual, and so silent.

Visiting the Zoo today has been amazing, I didn't realise the zoo can be sooo noisy, the monkey made so much noise and they all had different sounds. It was good to hear different sounds from chimp, gorillas, parrots, elephant. This has been my first experince with them, check out a few pictures that were taken
Getting a ride from a gorilla (this is a statue, not a real one)
He's sooo cute! this was the noisy one!

*more will be uploaded soon - to see them now, check out my facebook >>>..


Laura's medical journey said...

Aw I cant wait to see more pics! :)

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Hey there, Katie-Louise,

Your new Xmas playlist has really influenced me! I was listening to your Wham's "Last Christmas" which made me check it out on YouTube. So I watched that video, which took me to Ashley Tisdale singing it, which took me to Hillary Duff singing it...on to Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Kimberley Locke and finally Troy and Gabriella.

Got me in the Xmas spirit! Normally I try not to think about Christmas until after my birthday, December 5th...but here I am humming Xmas songs!

Great zoo photos!!

Jennifefr :-)