Saturday, 15 November 2008

New C.I moment - Food Shopping

Early this morning, I have woken up so early. Unlike most weekend, I like to have a little lie in when theres no football training or matches, because I got up so early, I decided to go food shopping with my dad. This was the first time in ages!

While I were pushing the trolley up and down these lanes and my dad was reading the food-list that my mum has written, my dad picked up these foods from the shelf, putting them in the trolley. As I were pushing this trolley, I notice a sounds, but didn't know where it were coming from. The noise sounded like someone screaming, it only seem to happen when I were pushing it and it stopped, when I stopped the trolley. So, I tried again, push it and stop it. After repeating my move, and watched the trolley. I then clicked on, and I realized where the noise were coming from ,heres me going "Ah-ha, Bingo!! Dad, did you hear that?"

My dad said "yeah, it's from the wheels of the trolley". I was like "wow!" but at the same time going "eurgh! That sounded horrible" So, now i knew what was making that horrible noise after a while, I got fed up with it. I said to dad, "these people looking at me as if it made me feel like I am making the noise, when I'm not!"

My dad said "don't worry, only two more lanes to go" I was like, Oh-No, even more people going to look at me! In the end, I did turn round and said " Dad, why not I collect the food and you push the trolley" My dad seems to agree, for some reason, he forgot his glasses and was struggling to read my mums writing. No wonder he took ages to read one word and acting weird towards the small bit of paper! I just hope he got half of the list right when we got home, lol.

So, we swap and dad had all the attention from the people, When he pushed his trolley. He didn't mind, but I was smiling all the way every time it made a sound. I was please that I could hear it, and also heard sounds from the paying desk when they scanned the food, it made two bleeps per an item

So, Some tips for me when I next go food shopping, is to make sure the wheels on the trolley are not old and noisy!


Laura's medical journey said...

aww what a funny story! hehe Dads are funny arent they ;) my dads the same with reading needs his glasses haha.
I do the same as you when i get up extra early and go shopping with parents... (it doesnt happen often!) its a very noisy place the supermarket isnt it! lots of talking, beeping crashing from the trolleys! im surprised that you didnt act like a big kid and put ur feet on the trolley and go down a lane going "weeeeeeeeeeeeeee" haha xx

Charlotte said...

Ha ha, Daddies are stupid somethimes! My dad keeps doing the "wheres my glasses??" I would say "erm i think it's in the guest bedroom" when it's ACTUALLY on top of his head.... Giggles! Drives him mad!

Sorry to say i beat to you on Trolly sounds! yeah i agree it's nasty sounds...

Well Katie and Laura, just wait until you move out. I HAD to shop every week!!! or there would be no food for me!

Robochick said...


Abbie said...

Dude, wait until you get one with a rusty wheel :) That is annnnoying!