Monday, 24 November 2008


Since I have had the implant, its good to help other who is going through the assessment, surgery and post activation, because I have been through the same boats and know what it like to go through.

Now, I have been meeting more and more implant users, and has enjoyed listening to their experinces and sharing my experince. I can't believe how many friends I have that has a Cochlear Implant and how many of them I have met.

If we didn't have the support, we wouldn't get very far. So, I'm pleased to see that people are around to help each other; let continue to do this!

So, here are some new implantee or implantee to be. Check out their blog storys.


I first met kirsty during the time she were at her assessment stages, she wanted to talk and meet someone about cochlear implant, and I was happy to go ahead and talk to her about it. Now she has finally had her operation last tuesday and it went so well, all the best on your switch on date on the 12th (GOOD LUCK)

Here's kirsty blog links :


I spoken to Amanda alot through CIUG website and became good friends on facebook and Msn, she is a photographor. check out her site : I first met manada over the weekend as we went to Deaf social night and we also celebrate her birthday and have a good chat about cochlear implant along with Richard and a locoal implantee, Abi that also had C.I. After talking to her, it help her to take things off her mind worrying about the operation. Amanda is having her operation this thurs (Good Luck) we'll be all thinking of you.

here's Amanda blog links:

Please do check out their blogs!

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Laura's medical journey said...

Ive have been following both the blogs so I will see how they do every step they do :D x