Sunday, 16 November 2008

My brother got his own back on me!

Have you ever done something so cruel to someone and that someone tried to get their own back on you?

I have a little brother, and he's hearing. We're both so close and spend most of our time hanging out with each other and almost go anywhere together. My brother has always been so protective over me and that he like to help with my communication.

Anywhere where I go, he's always making sure I fit and and understands what everyone saying. He is actually thinking about being an interpreter when he leaves school.

Sometime, my brother and I like to tease or wind each other up.

Last year, sometimes around 6pm, my brother had finished school fallen asleep on the sofa. My sister dared me to get a saucepan with a spactular and hit it to make a LOUD noise to wake him up. As I did it, he woked up with a big shock. We all thought it was funny and my brother said " Right, I am gonna get my own back on you"

Since I was deaf, he was unable to do that to me, whenever I fall asleep anyone can make any noise and what ever noise there is, I wouldn't wake up! That's a good thing about being deaf, coz no-one can disturb your beauty sleep :-P

Now I had a cochlear implant, normally I wouldn't fall asleep with it because the noise would distract me and may never get to sleep.

Friday, after I finished university there was no-one home accept my dogs. The first thing I did was let the dogs in the garden and sat down in the living room.

As I sat down I thought I start reading the new book by marlee matlin (nobody's perfect) After a long day, I nodded off to sleep not realising that I left my implant on because the room was soooo quiet!

I must been asleep for about half an hour and that my brother came home from school with his mate that was stopping for tea. My brother and my mate walked into the room, they both saw me asleep, my brother didn't worry to much about the noise he makes becuase he thought I would of took my implant offm like I always do.

Then, while they both were on the playstation, my brother said to my mate "why does she sleep with her implant one" My brother said "she doesn't". Still, I had no idea they were home I must be very tired and went into a deep sleep

Since my brother realise I still had my implant on. Guess what he decided to do?

Got the saucepan and the Spactular and BANG! BANG! BANG!

I heard that and woked up with a big shock! How cruel is he, eh?

My brother got so excited, he couldn't wait to tell my mum the whole story! lol.

I guessed my brother ment every word when he said he'll get his own back. lol This proves the implant works well for me very well!


Laura's medical journey said...

haha Brothers are horrible sometimes arent they! My brother when he wakes me up when im asleep. he doesnt stop shaking me he keeps doing it even though im already awake! im like noooooooo stop it! AND hes only 21... he always finds it funny too! and what with my condition he likes to: when i stand up from my seat he pushes me back down coz he knows of my condition that i will most defo fall back in my seat so i get up again and he does it again! AHH BROTHERS! Hehe

ive never been able to falla ssleep with implant though lucky you hehe xxx

deafgirlwhohatesstupidcelebritiesactingstupid said...

I never go to sleep without my implant unless im ill so i fall asleep watching tv. My brother or sister doesnt play a trick on me but the TV does wake me up because it goes quiet loud at times so i do wake up shocked!

That's a funny story!

Anonymous said...

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