Monday, 3 November 2008

New C.I moment - Fireworks

This evening I went to watch fireworks along with my family at a local park that has organised it.

It the first time I ever heard fireworks. I didn't know they whistle as they go up. Though, I did know they used to make a bang as I used to feel the vibration to the loud ones. They make all different sounds and its so amazing. I love fireworks, they are so beautiful in the black sky.

I also heard sparklers popping and crackling today, I didn't know they make noises too.

How good can this hearing journey gets. There so much I have learn in the past 6 months. I certainly can't wait to see what I can hear during xmas and new year :-)


Debbie/Steve said...

Isn't it amazing to hear how the fireworks make noise? The firt time we heard it was unbelievable and we heard and watched it every night on the driveway while we were staying with friends who lives nearby Disneyland.

You'll going to love hearing the upcoming holidays sounds. Everyday is like Christmas.

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Wow, Katie! I love the photos of you with the sparkler! Beautiful!

Jennifer :-)

Charlotte said...

It was my first time too to hear the whistling of the fireworks.


Beautiful pic of you and sparky,

C xx

Laura's medical journey said...

aw how great the sounds are of fireworks are!!! :) I told u you would love em and theat they would be loud! hehe
sorry didnt comment earlier have had probs with the net grr
glad u had an amazing time at the bonfire! :D people say the sounds are annoying but I think for ppl with CIs love it coz its special and we never would have heard it without the CI's! :) so we treasure each sound that comes our way! :D xx

Abbie said...

Awesome moment Katie!

Manda the Photographer said...

I wanna hear some more bang bang, gun machine like whistles as it go up in the air.... any more ci moments.
sorry Katie I had to mute ur music! was doing my head in. lol Come on don't keep us waiting! more news!

One of your buddies! :P