Tuesday, 17 February 2009

RAM FM! (radio) new CI moment!


I'm still around, and yes, I haven't posted for a short while; doesn't mean I've forgotten about my blogs.

I've been soo busy helping my sister with her little son, dylan (hes growing quick) and of course studying at uni <- these assignments from university really do take up all your free time. Anyway, recently I have been travelling to a few places with family and friends - while traveling, someone in the car always shouts "put the radio on" so, while driving I decided to put the radio on. I don't normally listen to the radio and not to bothered with it. Well, for some reason, I decided to give myself some listening practise rather than ignoring it. becuase my hometown football team were playing, my brother and dad want to listen to it to see how well they are getting on. I know all the Derby players names and decided to see if I could pick out any of there names that been called out. I did great and manage to pick out a few names which put a smile on my face, not only that I heard the man on the radio saying "102.8 Ram FM" <>

so, thats something new and hopefully, i'll continue with the practise and see what esle can I hear!

thats it for me now, i better shoot off and get some training done, what this space for more updates!

take care x

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Laura's medical journey said...

aww good job katie! i have some trouble hearing radio sometimes etc im good with the music and the 107.9 etc but sometimes it sketchy and i miss some stuff! x