Sunday, 1 February 2009

CI Fashion

As most of you know, I am a huge fan of fashionable clothes and that I like to make sure everything matches and look right.

I also like to make sure I match my CI colours to my clothes too. I know, I'm crazy but I love it.

Advanced Bionic do quite a lot of colours, but there are some colours they don't do like, Pink, Red, Yellow etc

So, after my favourite colour case broke 'purple' I had other colours but it wasn't enough to match and I had these plain colours which I haven't yet used because they were boring to me.

Somehow after telling dad that I wish AB would do more colours, dad came up with an Idea and said I know just what might help you. Dad suggested us to go an Art & Craft shop and buy some plastic sprays of the colours I wanted and he said they he will spray it and see what the results would be. I thought It was a good idea and had to ask my mate manda if she know where the shop is.

After visiting the shop, I brought Pink, Red, Gold, Yellow, While, Bright Green, Light Purple spray which coz about £2 each per a can and decided to spray the boring plain colours I had and what I have not yet used and guess what? It worked! Dad sprayed a nice pink colour on one of my CI covers and It looks just how they make it. The pink matches the top Im wearing and now I finally have a pink, red, gold, yellow, bright green, light purple covers alone with all the other colours I have. You see below on other pictures that I like to match my CI colours to what I am wearing:


Laura's medical journey said...

did u check with AB if it was safe to have spray can chemicals on ur implant or near ur ear?? lol

melissa said...

That's what i was thinking too!

i wished i have AB sometimes because I really like the funky colours and the colours of the magnets. The freedom only does the magnets in normal colours, brown, beige.

J.Matheson said...

It looks cool but am wondering about if its safe for the processor itself because the paint does flake off sometime. Also the chemical make up of the paints.

I have Freedom and I am happy with beige/brown colors cuz I like to disguise the processors.

Anonymous said...

I *love* this idea!! I'm like you, Katie-Louise (I think we actually have the same color kits for our CIs) and I really like to match my CIs to my clothes or just the general mood/season. Right now I'm wearing a lot of blue and purple because of the snow. :)

Three of my color caps have split now, all from the Techno colors (sniff, sniff) so I might be ordering another pack soon.

~ Wendi

Manda the Photographer said...

Hang on! Who suggested you to go to art & craft shop???????

Anonymous said...

honestly... that's awesome haha cool color ;-)

Charlotte said...

Amanda Conde would kill for Pink covers.

Daft as Brush aren't you!

Katie-Louise's Cochlear Implant Blog said...

Laura & J, I have checked with the AB people about the spraying the covers, they are ok with as long its not sprayed on the Processors and only on the covers that clips on to it.

Nice one, charlotte - I can see manda asking for a pink one. lol. I'm daft but love it and HEY "its fashion"

Wendy, Tell me about it, one of my favoutie colour broken last week (they easy to break) and thats why I decided to get all the plain ones coloured.

You can buy the covers from :

so, if you decided to buy the plain colours you ARE allowed to spray on the colours by using plastic spray but do not spray on ur processor!

kirsty said...


Søren said...


For a better and more enduring paint job, carefully scrape the "old" color off the inside (or get a responsible person/parent to use caustic soda/drain cleaner to remove it).
Hit it with a very fine grit wet emory paper to get the plastic all clear on the inside.
Degrease completely and paint from the inside.
That won't flake or get worn and you could even make decorations with a fine brush in a contrasting color on the inside before the spray is applied.

Acrylic paints are quite harmless, just don't eat them in large doses ;)

Melissa <- if you, by magnet means the coil, the hard part can be cleaned thoroughly, perhaps sanded lightly and painted, just dont attempt to paint the magnet (or the treads in the hard part, or the lead going to the processor), or...
you could take some clear plastic from a blister pack, carefully heat it until it gets soft and press it over the coil with a grill glove or similar - just don't get burnt.
Afterwards you cut the extra material off with a pair of scissors, paint the inside and glue a small piece of iron from eg. an empty tin can (or a tiny flat magnet) to the inside so it will attach to the magnet.

Perhaps I should make a tutorial like: Pimp your CI :)

Anonymous said...

nice one, i just brought lots of fresh emo backgrounds 2 my blog

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