Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Music - Sounds Inspiring

Yesterday I had an interesting evening. I went to the sound inspiring event which was organised by Ear Foundation and Advanced Bionic. (the implant brand I have)

The event went so well, and it was concert by musicians who have sensory and it inspired me so much. I have never seen a deaf blind man who is able to play his piano and guitar and also group of deaf teenager having there own band called the Deafness. which totally amazed me, it really does show a good example to others the deaf people can do anything except hear like hearing people do.

I have learnt so much while I were watching the panio, flute, drums guitar and xlepone. It was all new to me. I never to identify instrument and the different in them. . After tonight. I have able to indentify the low and high pitch and also to tell which instrument was playing.

I did find some hard to listen to and when they were all playing at the same time. when the flute were playing I was unable to hear the piano untill the flute has paused.

I weren't too keen on the flute. I mean, the flute was played at a high pitch and each note gets higher and higer which felt like my implant is about to blew off.

It was nice to take part when we all got these free Advanced Bionic drumsticks. That taught us to listen and to try and follow the patten

Not only there were music, there were dancers aswell, one of the dancers had a good sense of humour while dancing which made us laughed

So, now I decided I do want to take some keyboard lesson - I won't be as good as the people I have seen, but it be nice to be able to play a song - maybe get to learn how to play Gareth Gates, :-)

so, what an evening, hopefully there will be some more like that!

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