Wednesday, 25 March 2009

2nd implant?

10 months and I am doing so well, I still can't get over of what I have learnt over the past 10 months -Everyday there always a new sound and always more to look forward to

There is only one thing now I really would like , which I have been thinking about in the last few weeks, now that I have done so well listening through one implant, will I do the same if I had a second implant?

A second implant would be nice. I mean, I hear so well in my left but the only thing is I can only hear most of the things on the left and my right side just feels SO deaf and doesn't hear anything, it feels so blank; I don't see the point in wearing a hearing aid I know a 2nd implant won't make you hear any better, but it be nice to hear from both direction and maybe it give me a better sense of where sounds comin from.

So, now I am hoping to have a 2nd implant to become 'Bilateral' becuase of the N.I.C.E guidance, I think here in the UK, it would be hard for us to fight for the second one. So, right now I am unsure which direction I should take, wheather I should wait a while untill the N.I.C.E has changed gardians or should I appeal for the funding right now?

I thought, If I was to have a 2nd implant while I am still at early stages, I think it might be better as my brains will continue to learn , I am not saying it will stop (I hope not) but getting another implant at this stage might be easier for me and gives me time to learn before I finish university and go out in the real world and teach.

thats it for me, fingers cross, I get the 2nd one some day!



melissa said...

Let us know how you get on!

if i was offered a 2nd implant in future if new NICE guidelines come out I would say yes.

I also think it would be better for localising sound and hear more etc.

Charlotte said...

it's my dream too... I do hope it will happen.

Laurie said...

If you have the opportunity to go bilateral, I'd do it. Surround sound is so much better than just one CI. But, one CI is better than nothing, too!

Keep your readers posted!

Laura's medical journey said...

i have never really considered getting 2 implants althought i have had one in both ears not at the same time though but ive gotten on fine with just one!

let me know how you got on though with it if you do go ahead! :D

Debs said...

If it was me.. I would say yes... BUT I dont have that chance because no cochlear.. so not a chance for me.. shame....

Weaver Girl said...

hope u get to get a 2nd one sometime soon! I'm hoping to get C.I. soon- right now I'm waiting for the doctors and people to make a decision about if I can get one or not. I really hope that they will say yes. =)

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