Monday, 11 May 2009

Who is right?

Last weekend, Richard (freedom user) and I were sitting in the conservatory relaxing and talking about anything that stops us from getting bored. All the sudden Richard heard an Aeroplane and asked me I I could hear that. I heard it, but it sounded like a Helicopter.

We were both were disagreeing with each other about what we heard. I was telling him, "no its a helicopter" and he was "no its a plane" which went on and on, in the end we both decided to go outside to find out what it really was and see who was right. And guess what - we were both shocked - we saw both a helicopter and an aeroplane and we were just shocked that neither of us were wrong. It’s weird how we both could hear something but a different thing. So, that was our weirdest moment.

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Charlotte said...

Ha, thats wicked! As I live near to the Airport and under the helicopter path (coastguards etc)
I can tell the difference. I find Helicopter clearer than aeroplane.

Miss you guys already.