Thursday, 23 July 2009

Talking in Groups

Being in a group chats has always been hard for a deaf person. Lip reading one person to another person is like watching table-tennis following the ball and If you lost where the ball is, then you have just missed out on some information. Before I got implanted with this wonderful Advanced Bionic device, it was so hard to keep up . when I were in a group of hearing peers I used to lip-read all the time but always miss out some information and when I get tired of lipreading I miss more information. I used to hate sitting in groups and would prefer to talk to a friend 1-1. Sitting in groups, my confident wasn't so good and I used to sit there and be quiet, I was afriad to ask them to repeat.

After having a cochlear implant, lip-reading has become alot easisr! I don't get tired so quick and I do get more involved. There are times where I don't understand what they are saying but I do have to say that I am much more confident asking them to repeat, I ain't afriad to ask.

The only thing I find hard at the moment is university there is a student union bar where you sit and chill out with friends. The student union seats & tables are like a "C" shapes and when go with my group of friends to sit round thoses table. I've notices that everytime I sit in the middle - I always hear and keep up with the people on my implanted side and tend to miss some information on my non-implant side. I do try and make sure I sit on the edge, making sure all my friends are on my implant side. It does help, but still not all places have "C" shapes seating. They can be round and that makes it worst when there is no edges to make sure everyone sits where your implanted side is.

Maybe a 2nd implant would help in that situation? Has anyone out there notices the different in group situation after getting your 2nd CI done? It would be great if you could share your experince!


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering exactly the same thing too!

Sun Melody said...

Hello Katie-Louise,

I am an assiduous reader in your blog for over a year is incredible and gives comfort and safety to read the different experiences of place. Again, I was faced with this situation, because both would do the bilateral.

Unfortunately the National Health Insurance (SNS) can only donate a cochlear implant per person, excluding cases with Uscher syndrome and other diseases.

But rather fear the surgery in the right ear, because I do not know if he responds as well as implanted in the left due to the auditory nerve, because I can not hear anything with the help of hearing aids.

Katie-Louise what I say, prosthesis auditiv in the ear?

Sun Melody

Laura's medical journey said...

i can be the same way being quiet and having to table tennis and stick with one and one.

i find it easier if people choose circle tables at resturants and i can see everyone! :)

Melinda said...

Hi Katie-Louise,

I came across your blog when looking through other CI blogs.

I was implanted January 2009, and love my implant so far! I currently wear a hearing aid in the other ear, so I haven't considered going bilateral. I find it easier to have both my CI and hearing aid on - I miss less things that way. I do have a friend who is bilateral, and he loves it. It makes a difference to him, having both ears on.

As for group situations, I have always found it difficult to follow along. It still is difficult even with my implant, but slightly easier, thanks to the noise program. I have to say one-on-one conversations are SO much easier for me now!

I enjoy reading your blog, keep up the good work! :)

Jenny Zarkos said...


I came across your blog through another friend's website... and I was implanted with my first CI in 1991 on my right side, and recently this summer June 2009, I just got my left side done. Although my hearing on my left side isn't that great yet (due to not having any nerve stimulation on the left side for 20 years), I am finding that I'm picking up conversations better! As a bilateral CI patient, I would definitely recommend any one to get implanted on both sides, especially if your life involves around many hearing people and verbal conversations. :)

You can find me on facebook:

Jenny Zarkos

Anonymous said...

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