Friday, 2 January 2009

Bang! Bang! New C.I moment!

On the first evening of new year, I went to a friends house who have also got a cochlear implant. We stopped over for some roast dinner, hmmmm how nice and it was lovley jubbly!

When I were over there, later in the evening I were up in her computer room as abi were showing me the new year eve party photos. When looking at these wonderful photos all the sudden I heard this BANG! It made me jump and wondered what it was, as I turned round I saw richard with this small drum and that he was playing about with it.

I have never ever played a whilesince I had a Cochlear Implant, I have heard some drumming sounds before with the implant that those sounds I heard were played either on T.V, watching my sister playing in a marching band or in some music.

but to play the drum myself and hearing it was awesome. Because my sister plays a trumpet in a band, I used to go and watch her and while watching it I have always been interested in watching how they hit thoses drums at the same times while marching. It looks pretty difficult but loved to try it out.

my sister friend had a drum because she was in the band too and my sister friend used to come round my place and practised but had always left the drum at my house.

They used to practise in my bedroom as my sister and I used to share rooms. While her friend was here, I used to sit and watch sometimes even though I couldn't hear it much but could feel it and see how she hits it. My sister taugh me how to play it and I used to do play it myself with her so my sister could practise along with it when her friend not here. A few months before my implant operation, my sister friend moved houses and could no longer be in the band so she stop playing the drums and had given the drum back to the band. So, I could no longer play it.

When at abi's house, I decided to try the drum, I could remenber how to play it and as I played it, it was so great to hear the sound. It made feel like I want to join the band now I can hear while I am playing it. so, that has given me thoughts. So, so far I have played a keyboard (i'm still messing about with it and not yet joined any keyboard lesson yet) and now I have played a drum. Isn't that great!


deafgirlmelissa said...

That's great Katie!! You should try out so more! All musical instruments sound nice! I remember one when I was about 12/13 I used to play a clarinet in secondary school. I used to have lessons every week and one time I thought it sounds great but it turned out it was so bad oops!!

Enjoy enjoy!!


Laura's medical journey said...

oh wow! I remeber when i just had to try a musical instrument when i was about 10! I tried to learn the voilin but i was absolutly r ubbish!! lmao :D Buti love seeing the kids with their instruments! Keep it up katie! :D