Friday, 2 January 2009

'2008' shall never be forgotten!

2008 has been one of the most best and interesting year I've had. I can't believe how fast the whole year went. Things had changed so much and it has got better.
The best thing about 2008:

* I finally got back to playing football after a long break with a terrible injury

* Richard and I got engaged and it has been a 3 years for us now this 12th Jan.

*I recieved a Cochlear Implant and was able to hear and that my confidence is so much better. I use my voice all the time and talk so much (sorry if I am a chatterbox). I was able to be more independent that I don't ask people to come with me and socialise alot more now. Not only that Iam able enjoy MUSIC - the best part about that; I was able to enjoy listening to Gareth Gates. He has amazing voice, well, it sounds so amazing to me, but maybe not be good to any of you. lol.

* Completed College and finally in University working hard to become a P.E teacher!
* Passed my driving exam and have my owncar. Now I don't need to ask my dad for a lift (he was my taxi driver) lol
* Repesented England and went to Germany and Greece to play some games :-D

what more can I think of? There so many wonderful things I have done this year.

So, I like to say a big THANK YOU not in word but in picture to:

*Nottingham Cochlear Implant team
*Yahoo users groups
*C.I bloggers.
*Ear Foundation
*friends and family

You have all been so supportive this year and that you have made life easier and better for me :-D

so, its now 2009

I like to wish you all a " Happy New Year 2009"


Charlotte said...

Great Post... Congrats on your great 2008

Char xx

Anonymous said...

So pleased you have had such a fantastic yr Katie Louise.
Its not surprising you are drawn to Gareth Gates and i must agree his voice is amazing ,as he also overcome a communicative dissiblity. So much so that he qualified as a speech coach and now helps other sufferers to speak.he is embarking on a stage career, taking the lead in Joseph's Technicolour Dreamcoat which is remarkable.He certainly is an inspiration to fellow sufferers all over the world.

Congrats on your engagement.
I hope 2009 is another great yr for you.
God bless!

Laura's medical journey said...

it has been a super yr for u katie! U will always remember the yr u got ur cochlear implant! :D
lovley pic of u and richard! :) (whens the wedding?? ) lmao only kidding :)
Hope u have a brilliant 2009 and continue to have much sucsess! xx