Monday, 5 January 2009

Listening Improves your English?

English language has always been a problem to some deaf people, well, actually most deaf people hates English and I was one of them.

I used to struggle alot in English lecture and I have always had a problem of getting BSL structure mixed up with English. Also, my spoken language seems to be shorter compared to hearing poeple.

Ever since I've had the Cochlear Implant people had said to me that my spoken language and my written english has improved. Well, this morning I said something to my mum and I can't remenber what I said and my mum said "wow, you are really listening and starting using hearing phrases" Not only that, my mum loves reading my blogs. She said she has notice the different in my writting structure and grammer from april's blog to now.

Now I am in university, I have took an adiditional course to attend English class to help me improve. Before I used to hate english, now I seems to enjoy it. My english still needs improving but its getting better from what people has said!

To the new implantee, has your english improved?


Charlotte said...

It most certianly had improved in your english. Mine had but not greatly as i was already fluent in english language it doesn't bother me anyway.

I am really pleased that you were given chance of better outlook in your future.

Char xxxx


Laura's medical journey said...

i have noticed that lately your english is getting better! :D

soon u will be speaking good spoken english in no time!!! :D