Thursday, 15 January 2009

online Video & Audio chat - new CI moment!

Last night I went to my friends house who lives about 5 minutes away. While I were over at her house. Kara and I decided to go online and try out skype and oovoo video chat with Jennifer (Amanda's Stepmother)

we planned to go online at a certain time as USA and UK hours are different, Kara and I were so keen to learn ASL and so that Jennifer could be our online ASL teacher.

It was 7:30pm and 11:30am over there - When we manage to sort the video chat and saw Jennifer. When Jennifer first saw us on the video chat, Kara and I were signing away and the first thing Jennifer said was "woah, I don't even have a clue on what you are saying" we both laughed as it would be the same for us if Jennifer signed in ASL.

As we got going, Jennifer taught us the Alphabet, Animals, Numbers and some everyday signs. It was really interesting to learn, I mean, BSL (British Sign Language) and ASL (Amerincan Sign Language) are completely different and we both wanted to learn ASL and learning ASL would help us when we both go over USA this summer to meet other deaf. As we tried them, some were quite difficult and some were quite funny!

While we were practising, Jennifer said she could hear us laughing and giggling away and she asked if she could hear her. We couldn't hear Jennifer because out laptop was set as mute. Not many deaf people would have it on and wouldn't bother changing it. So, we both decided to put the volume on and as we did it, we didn't realise that the volume was on full and when Jennifer said hello, we both was shocked and put our hand over our ears. It was sooooo loud and kara had to turn it down quick. When we heard Jennifer talking we could also hear alot of background noise coming from where Jennifer is. We could hear, Jennifer typing to us, wind as she was outside and cars passing by as she mentioned she lives on a corner and also we could hear goldy her cute little dog

That was all new to me, I never heard from a laptop in a video call. I would normally use it and would signing away to my friends on there but never had the audio bit on. I decided to say "Hello" and Jennifer could also hear me too. I was impressed when she said it was clear :-D Jennifer also decided to sing to us to give us a listening practise. She sanged Twinkle Twinkle little star, lol It was good but sooooooo funny because she wanted to make sure no-one was walking past, haha.

Not only that Jennifer were talking to her Husband, Gonzalio. While Jennifer were talking to Gonzalio, we were listening and her accent was sooooo American. We manage to pick out some words on what she said and typed it and Jennifer said that was right.

After that, joseph also joined in the video chat too and we could hear jospeh talking too. We were able to tell there two 2 people talking as each voice sounded different.

So, what a brilliant evening and another new C.I moment along with some fantastic Sign and look forward to doing the video chat again sometimes.

To those that don't know Jennifer, she also has a blog about cochlear implant as her stepfdaughter has one check out there blog -


deafgirlmelissa said...

Wow thats so great!!! I'v always been interested in ASL since my deaf teacher taught me the ASL alphabet at school! Maybe you can teach me after Jennifer has taught you!!

It's wicked that you could hear here all the way in America!! I'v never tried and heard anybody through webcam!! I also always have my laptop volume off because if I get msn messages pop up it always makes me jump and i do eventually get annoyed of the sound of msn messages popping up!!I'v have to try it some day!

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

I can't believe you told them I was singing!!! LOL!

Good job on the blog, as usual. Joseph and Gonzalo are reading it on their laptops now.

Definitely, we'll do it again soon!

I have an American accent?? ♥

Jennifer :-)

Charlotte said...

Thats so cool Katie, Jennifer too, I MUST kick my ass to set up Skype to be able to chat with my parents in Austria.

Congrats Katie.

C xx

Laura's medical journey said...

haha :) looks like you and kara both had a great night! I mostly keep my laptop on mute and only turn the sound back on when i m playing music on the laptop such as now Take that wooop lol
ive also had a video call maybe ill do it again sometime i havent done one for a while! :)

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