Sunday, 29 June 2008

1 month mapping

Hey all,

Sorry it's been ages since i've updated my blog. God, i've been ever so busy trianing for England Deaf Women, which i'm due to Jet off to Greece tomorrow for the World Deaf Cup - c'mon England, rooaar!!!

Anyway, I've had my 1 month mapping. The implant going great. finally the disney voices gone, and i've been able to indentify more sounds better. I had some test done, you know the one with the grumpy old man on the screen. I manage to pick up 2 or 3 sentences on that but the enivouriment sounds test I got all of them right and no longer need to do that test anymore woop!!! What a result.

I still need a bit more practise on hearing voices without lip-reading which is slowly improving but getting better.

I'm due to go back to the Implant centre on the 27th july - so there will be updates on that too

Anyway, I better be off now gotta maaking my way to london - ready to jet off to Greece, woop! how exciting!

take care all


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facebook name : katie-louise Bailey, nottingham, UK


Abbie said...

Katie dear,

You are indeed a very busy woman lately and I am glad you updated your post! I can't believe it has been a month already, times flies when you have something new connected to your head doesn't it? :) Thank goodness the disney voices have disappeared, it takes a lil while but they eventually do.

Beat Greece :)

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