Tuesday, 12 August 2008

My first instrument!

Over the weekend it was my brother 17th Birthday. My brother had a small tea party which loads of friends and family came over. During the small tea party my sister played her keyboard while my mum came in with a birthday cake.

Having to hear my sister plays her keyboard for the first time was amazing! I then decided to try it out myself after the party. My sister set it up and put this light thing on to help me.

My first song I tried out along with the light was "Happy Birthday"

check the video out :-D

Anyway, the implant going well. I'm off to speech therpy this thursday. I've spend the past 2 weeks using my voice. My brother did a bet and he bet i couldn't spend more than 3 days without signing a word and Guess what? I won the bet I didn't signed a word at all. It was hard but it was worth it in the end.

so, check out the next video which will be posted up in the next few days, There will be a interview about my implant journey and the whole idea of the video is for me to use my voice more and practise answering questions with the voice!


Laura Jakbubowski said...

That was ace Katie, sounded very good :0)

i look forward to your next video of the "interview"!

Also congrats on winninv the bet!! hehe and i hope speech therapy goes well! xxx

Abbie said...

Katie that is awesome :)