Saturday, 2 October 2010

2010 Top Cochlear Implant Award!

I would like to say a big thanks to those that has nominated me for the Top 15 Cochlear Implant Blog award. Doing this blog has inspired a lot of candidate, cochlear implant users.

A BIG thank you to Nottingham Cochlear Implant team, Advanced Bionics, friends and family for supporting me through this an amazing journey.

I also would like to thank Medical Assistant School for giving me this award. To find out more about the Top 10 blog awards click here 'Medical Assistant School'

Top Cochlear Implants Blog

Thank you all for nominating me and for reading this blog.

All the best



Discpad said...
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Discpad said...


Of the Top Fifteen CI blogs listed in the Award you earned, I'd put yours at #2, only because Michael Chorost is a professional author publishing his second book on the subject. [But, if it's any consolation, people who know him say he's a real a**hole... And from my dealings with him, I agree.]

I personally know three of the winning bloggers: Laurie Pullins, Abbie Cranmer Hlavacec, and Jennifer "Sweetpea" Thorpe. All three have very good blogs, though Mrs Hlavacec has abandoned hers over a year ago.

Some of the blogs don't even belong, because they either have so much other garbage unrelated to hearing & deafness, or are almost cookie-cutter with few useful insights.

Why your blog is so special is that has both excellent original content as well as a nice mix of your personal experiences of your exciting life.

In addition, your blog entry on managing a CI processor (and by extension, BTE hearing aid) is much better than anything I have seen, either from the HA & CI manufacturers, CI centers, or other users. In fact, I recommend it so much, I have a special TinyURL for it:

Some of the other blogs that are better than many of the Top 15 winners include:

* Funny Old Life by Tina Lannin in London;

* Becoming Deaf in Norway by Ulf Nagel;

* Bionically Yours by Tasha Jewel Hanley in Seattle;

* Cacophony to Symphany by "Pink LAM" in Dallas;

* Kate's Cochlear Implant by Kate Locke (since abandoned, but still quite good);

* Gina Sprenkel's interesting CI blog by Gina Sprenkel in Houston;

* Ben Heldner's experience with a MedEl Duet2 Hybrid EAS (cochlear implant + hearing aid): Part 1 and Part 2;

* CI Theory by Mile Marzalek;

* Sudden Silence by Wendi Kast in Chicago.

Hope everyone enjoys the links!
Dan Schwartz,
Editor, The Hearing Blog

Cathy said...

Congratulations. Hi, I am Cathy, Alex's mom. My son's first CI activation is coming up on Oct 14th. Your story is a real is a real inspiration and you are truly a brave girl. Love reading your blog. Keep up the good work! Cath