Wednesday, 28 May 2008

1st Mapping. - Beeping has ended!

Today was my first mapping since the switch on. After having a week with those awful beeping sounds, today the beeping has finally ended. wohoo

The new sounds all started off with a new set of loudness and different range of frequency, which I and my audiogisit set up during the tuning session. When the tuning was done, Ellen then switched it on.

Firstly, I heard ellen going how does that sounds. I was speechless because her voice sounded weird, it was like a robot or micky mouse talking. I was so please that I heard no beeping while she was talking. I even heard some background sounds clear like paper russling and ellen typing on the keyboard.

Ellen and I went into another room to do some test. We had to do this test which I've done through my implant assessement with a grumpy old man on tv. I had to try guess what he said. It was very hard. I hardly got any right. I could hear him ok but couldn't really understood what been said as he had no facial experession and of course I couldn't lipread him. So i've alot of homework to do.

Also we did this enviourment test to try and identify some envouriment sounds, such as serien from police cars, telephone ringing etc. That test was ok, I didn't do to good but it was slgihty better than the assessement result. Sometimes next month I should have a result, so fingers cross that would work.

Since i've seen my audiogist. I manage to ask them for a smaller t-mic hook becuase the bigger ones kept making my implant fall off. Finally that problem has been sorted and hopefully i shouldn't have anymore.

so what a day, eh. I'm feeling alot more confident that this implant joureney could get better for me. After my first mapping i've already notice the different and I really can't wait for my 2nd mapping which is next monday.

Cant't belive how much homework the hearing therispt have given me. So, here i am practising with theses children audio tape that you can listen and follow at the same time. Really interesting stories though, it kept me motivated to work hard with my listening skill.

so that is it for me, so tired after a long day and i'm happy with the outcome of today appointment and really can't wait for next week. woohooo! bring it on!


Abbie said...

Woo hoo!! That is a great news! It took a month before my beeping went bye bye!! As long as you can hear the sounds, that is the important part. You just have to give your brain a chance to learn :)

I'm so happy for you! :)

Laurie said...

Wonderful to hear something good from you! You are doing beautifully and off to a great start!

Jennifer said...

Yaaaaaaaaaayyy Katie! I'm so glad that today's mapping went so well and that voices actually are starting to sound like voices for you! That's awesome!
Do that homework, will make a huge difference!! ((hugs))