Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Activation day - only 4 days to go!

The time hasn't gone slow this week, I can't belive it's is now wednesday. It felt like i've have been knocked out for a few days and did nothing.

I've been sooo busy just laterly with the football (soccer) training trying to keep my fitness up getting prepare for the "world cup" this june in Greece. It has been pretty hard training in this weather, It's has been so hot just laterly and Which I almost look like a tomato, I'm so red, covered in sunburnt even though i've put on loads of sun cream and still, it didn't work no matter how high the proctection result was I still got burnt! Arghh!

Anyway - thought i'll post a picture up of my other half (Richard) you can just see his implant.

He is an C.I users which he was born profoundly deaf and used hearing aids all his life. At the age of 15 he then decided to be implanted on the left ear and use hearing aids on his right ear. The implant helped him alot. He said it's far way better than a hearing aids which has helped him become confident in the hearing world after a while he decided to give up on the hearing aids and only use the implant which help him better. He has a nuscular freedom (3G)
anyway, I've a few question about the activation day.
Is there anything that I should bring to the activation day? what you think I should do to prepare for the day. I've notice alot of people get tired when they first been switched on : that worries me as I've college would it be to much to me and does it cause alot of distraction?
anyway that's it for me now
hope you all have a good week :D


Wendi said...

Hi Katie-Louise! Since I don't have my CI yet, I can't help with any advice for activation day. :-(

I just wanted to say how excited I am for you -- it's almost here! I can't wait to read your thoughts after your activation. I'm sending lots of good thoughts your way!

Laurie said...

I knew this week would go by fast for you! Just bring your happy and eager self to the activation along with a camera to document the event! And a friend or relative! Wear comfy clothes. . .and plan to go out for lunch or dinner afterwards to celebrate!

Abbie said...

Hi Katie!!

Thank you for posting a picture of your fiance :) He is a cutie pie!

I just showed up to activation :) Activation takes a lot out of you because your brain goes in a state of "whoa nelly what the heck is that?!" You just feel drained but not ready to pass out.

Its almost here!!! :)