Thursday, 30 October 2008

The battery dead, I'm slow!

When your implant battery dead, don't you feel so slow untill you have put a new one in?

Since i've had the cochlear implant and hearing thousands of things, I've been soo lively and that I am like a big kid that never want to grow up. (these pictures shows you that I don't want to grow up). I'm always out and about and having fun.

When the battery dead. I feel so slow that I am a robot that won't walk or go out unless it has a new battery!

Don't any of you feel the same when the battery dead?


Laura's medical journey said...

yes i kinda feel the same way, I wont leave the house without my cochlear implant and thats its got a good battery that will last the entire days.

yes remember talking to you earlier about this. Yhat we dont grow up big kids etc. :) stuff goes over our head and we do it anyway! :P Although I do take in account of being an adult if i have to be and have to make hard choices! Other than that fun fun fun!!! x

Charlotte said...

When my batteries goes flat i change them straight away. It goes flat alot while i am at work so when it goes flat mid conversation i give my Team leader sheepish smile, She KNOWS that the batteries are flat! I get no warning at all (i am told i should hear the beeps but i haven't yet) It's bit annoying really because I can't lipread well without the CI. I go sluggish and bit slow up in the head.

I am big kid at heart. I still go crazy on pair of skis! Hence helmet next season to keep my implant safe! I love theme parks... the fasrer the better, the scarier the better. I also like to wind people up!

C xx

deafgirlwhohatesstupidcelebritiesactingstupid said...

i dont feel the same way as everyone else when my battery goes dead, maybe it because i also have a hearing aid? I just change my battery when i want to, i usually wait till the battery has gone completely dead after the warning tones

Vivie said...

I do feel the same..slow , sluggish ,and I start yawning !!

Sometimes when I'm at home or going home and it's dark, I don't change the disposables..I just wait till the next morning!!

Charllote , patience..I did hear them a couple to three weeks ago the beeps , and I'm five months implanted!!

Sarah C said...

I hate it when the battery suddenly cuts out because I'm usually mid sentence talking to someone! And I have to explain, "I can't hear my battery's gone!" I change it straight away cos I don't like to be without sound. It won't be as important when I'm wearing my HA again.. I can't hear the warning beeps, the hospital haven't said anything about these though so I'm not sure there are any! My battery only lasts for 8-9 hours and I've got the 12 hour ones, does anyone else find this short battery life with Advanced Bionics? x