Thursday, 9 October 2008

6 month!

wooohoo, I finally get to celebrate my '6 months journey' well, on the appointment letter it say 3 months and guess what I'm certainly going up hill and getting better.

Last thursday, I went for my 6 months reveiw. Just like the other mapping I got connected up and going though some bleeping test to tune up my implant After I was set at a right level, Carina switched me back on again :-D. When I were switched on the volume sounded a little different but the speech were much more clearer and it sounded better.

So, after all the tuning we did a hearing test to see how much I am hearing. I'm starting to hear more quiet sounds which is great. After that we did those BKS test and CUNY test (the boring old man)

Wooohooo, done them and guess what the results are...

BKS - tested at 60db - 50%
Cuny - tested at 60db - 85%

When we did the test, Carina and I couldn't belive the results and it showed that I have worked so hard and that's how I would learn quick!

Anyway, on that day I went for my speech therapy, like every week, we worked on the volume of my voice and thoses 'S' and last week it was my last lesson with Dyan and the hard work with Dyan has improved too.

I'm starting to get better with my 'S' which I have practise alot by reading books with dyan and making sure I say the 's' without missing it out and I only tend to miss the 'S' out a bit and I can do them if I remenber them. So, no more speech therapy lesson for now. I will be back sometimes with her next year on one of my implant review.

so, that's it for me now. I better start making tracks to uni now. anyway look out for the 6 month video that we've been editing which I will be posting up sometimes this month once we've finished it (that's a promise)

take care for now!

k x


Laura's medical journey said...

WOW congratulations! I bet you're looking forward to the 1 year aniversary now!! lmao :D Keep up the good work! :)

Charlotte said...

Hey Katie, well done, Your english is noticebly improved too!!!!
19th Nov is my 3 month seems long away off!

Speeak soon

Charlotte xxxx

Abbie said...

"S's" are my arch rival :) but happy anniversary! 9 months will be here before ya know it :)

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Fantastic, Katie! Guess my "S" tongue twisters helped you! Smile!


Dave said...

happy anniversary indeed.t celebrated my 6th months since being implanted. I was turned on in Ma. My second CI surgery to become bilateral has been a tough go. Bit after reimplementing the electrodes last week, I think it will work now.
2 weeks until boot up.