Thursday, 9 October 2008

Meeting and Hearing My Idol!

Heard of Gareth Gates? Well, if you don't know him he was in the first series of pop Idol and came 2nd.

Pop Idol is a talent show which they have thousands of singers that want a record label. Since it first started I didn't really bothered with it and all my family watched it. Since Gareth entered that showed and when I first saw him. I start to enjoy watching him because he was handsome and of course he never let his stammer affect his singing. At first I thought there were something wrong with the subtitles as he was saying "G-G-G-Gareth" Which turn out to be that he has a severe stammer.

Since he never let his stammer get to him, I have enjoyed watching him even though I couldn't hear his voice weather it was good or not. Throughout the show I have supported him all the way and watch Pop Idol every week till the final. When I found out he didn't win the final and Will Young won it. I was pretty gutted though he did work so hard.

Since it finished and didn't win the record label. He got sign up by another record label and since then I have become a big fan of him and went to a few of his tours and met him at some of his signing Cd session. I have all his Cd, I have my bedroom covered in Gareth Gates poster but ever Since I have liked him I never heard his songs even though I have read his lyric.

Since I have now got the implant and I am able to hear. I've been listening to his music on my ipod all the time. Even though he hasn't stop singing. He has gone to try something different and has lot's of exciting things coming up this year.

This december he's in a panto which I am going to london of the 15th of Dec with my mum to watch him perform Cinderalla. He's going to be the handsome prince. I am so excited to see Gareth at the panto, it will be the first time I am able to hear his voice as in person because last time I met him I couldn't hear him and had to lipread him in silent to understand him

So, bring on December. I can't wait to meet my idol again!


Val said...

What a lovely blog Katie. I can assure you, you won't be disappointed when you hear Gareth sing live. He's a fantastic singer, with so much emotion in his voice. I've also been a huge fan of his since Pop Idol and always will be.
Not sure if you've heard the song on YouTube, where Gareth sang Glass Slipper at the Stiles & Drewe event at Her Majesty's Theatre earlier this year. Its fabulous.

Katie-Louise's Cochlear Implant Blog said...

Hi Val,

Thanks, glad you liked the blog. I'm so looking forward to hear his voice. Do you have the links to that song he sang?

Laura's medical journey said...

aw i bet youll love him in panto you already love him to pieces hehe! :D im jealous that you've met him though!!! haha i went to his concert at manchester just after pop idol! :) x

Val said...

Here's the link Katie. I hope it works for you

Sarah C said...

Hi Katie, Someone recommended your blog to me today, I can't remember their name but she said you'd been switched on 6 months ago and that I should read your blog. I was switched on just over a week ago and am due to go for my 3rd mapping tomorrow and really looking forward to it. I just wanted to say, I really enjoyed reading your blog as it was such a relief to find someone else who just heard beeping noises when it was switched on as that's the experience I've had! I haven't read all of your blog but I get the message that you're feeling very positive you've had it done and I hope that I'll feel the same in 5 months time! You can read my blog if you want - it's Sarahs Cochlear Implant. Thanks again :o) x

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Thanks for turning me on to Gareth Gates, Katie. I've checked out some of the You Tube videos of him. Have you seen this one?

Or this one of Unchained Melody:

My idol is Chayanne, a Latin singer from Puerto Rico. I've seen him in concert three times but have't met him and certainly don't have any pictures to post, you lucky duck!

Here's Chayanne singing, Un Siglo Sin Ti (A Century Without You)


Mandy said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog Katie.
Gareth has inspired many people to follow their dreams after overcoming his own handicap.
I am so pleased you can finally hear his beautifull voice.
I am also going to see Cinderella, and really looking forward to it as like you I have followed him ever since Pop Idol and been to all his Tours, even the Styles & Drewe evening which was fantastic..

Shari/"Whiger" said...

I am so glad that you will get to hear him in person. I will have to check out this singer's music.

I think it's wonderful that people can overcome adversity and be successful in spite of it.

I have some of my own faves that I want to really listen to and hear the lyrics clearly. (I hope. Smile.)

BTW, I like your blog and I try to visit when I can.