Sunday, 26 October 2008

It's been a while!

Hey, I'm back.

Well, I didn't go anywhere, apart from being soooo busy with the univeristy life. I mean, the amount of assignments we get, it seems like i'm gonna get grey hairs in my 20's. lol.

anyway, how's the 'hearing' of mine. I must say, it's still improving and its still getting better. I begining to wonder if I could have a 2nd implant on my right ear. That way I could hear out of both ears. Well, doubt that will happen just yet with the NICE guildline etc. I suppose i'll have to wait so, that's what i'm hoping for at the moment. The hearing aid for the right ear is pointless. I never bothered wearing it.

My confidence is still growing and I've now notices that I don't rely on the interpreters as much now than I used to. I still have them at university, but I do like to listen to the lectures myself and if I didn't quite understood what's being said, I look at the interpreters.

I also like to use my voice alot more now. At uni, I'm always chatting away with my mates and I do like to answer any question that the lectures ask my self, poor interpreter that I have sits there and do nothing and only does some work when I ask them something. My English is also improving, it's getting better and hearing the language makes it easier. :-)

So, what have I heard over the past few weeks? I heard Voices on the tv that I am able to understand some words without subtitles. Last weekend I watched the X-factor.

X-factor is another talent show that I've started to watch. Last year, I never bothered with it. This year, I have been because I able to hear them sing. While I were watching it, they were at the stage where they had to vote someone off, because the subtitle delay while the programme is on 'LIVE' I got fed up waiting to see who were voted off, so, I tried to listen to the names they called out between the 2 people that won't be coming back the following week. So, when they shout out the name that is not coming back to next week live show, I was able to follow it. Wow, I was surprised that I heard the name right. woop!

anyway, over the next 2 weeks. I have alot of things coming up. I have a Halloween day at Alton towers with a few friends, I have still not yet decided on what to wear, though I better nip into town this week to get some halloween dress, maybe I should be a witch or a maybe grotbags. It be good to see what spooky noises I could hear while I'm at alton towers. Last year I went and I dressed up as a devil and while we were walking one of my hearing friends jumped out from behind theses trees and I were looking the other way and he shouted boo! Somehow, he forgot that I were deaf and I didn't respond to him or got scared by him when he tried to make me jump. This year, now I can hear, I better watch out!!!

Saturday next week, theres an Adults C.I users day going off at the Ear Founation, so, this should be a good day for me to attend and see what new to learn and of course meet some other C.I users. so, I'm looking forward to that ;-)

Also there bonfire night coming up. I'm dying to see some fireworks setting off, so, hopefully I will hear it. I haven't yet heard them so that's something I'm really looking foward to.

so, that's it for me now and Happy Halloween, ;-P Don't get too frighten and please be careful with the fireworks,make sure you stand somewhere that is safe to watch!

take care
k x


Laura's medical journey said...

hehe bet you're looking forward to the halloween weekend eh!! :D
Loook out for frightful friends!!!
i wanted to to the adult meeting in Bradford CI centre but IT was too far for me to go and had no way to get there! and it was an all day thing how would i have got home at tea time etc! I might consider going to the next one though if i can!

Remember u telling me about that thunderstorm u got caught out in katie??? think loads of them during bonfire night hehehehe u will probably hear them in the distance too!

Blad all is going well for u! Speech, language AND hearing!! xxx

Charlotte said...

Hey Katie, thats a great post, sounds like you are growing up into confident young lady.
I must put up a new post, I was experincing problems with my wireless router so we had just decided that it had died. At the moment i am connected directly to my very short modem and phone jack which is right behind the tv, and the TV is right beside me! Anyhow pray that i will have connection tomorrow morning so i can put up my post about my ears and holiday.

Much hugs

c xx