Monday, 29 September 2008

Playing football with you C.I

Playing football with my cochlear implant wouldn't be a good idea for me as there to much contact along with another player and of course your implant would be flying everywhere or the ball would be hitting your implant side. I bet that would hurt if it did!

so, since I don't wear the implant on my match days. I do tend to wear them in training ONLY, well, it was the first time I actually wore it the other day!

In training we don't have to much contact while playing. It just footworks and fitness training. It was good to wear it in training as I can hear my team mates 'shouting' but dont have a clue where it's coming from untill I look up before I pass to them but least I can hear them :-D I even heard my coach blow his whistle. It was loud as he was just standing right behind me.

Before I started to wear the implant during football training I decided to buy some thin head band that I could wear that would stop the implant falling to the ground as I do have a slight problem with my implant falling off because I have small ears, and guess what the head band worked well for me. It didn't it come off at all. Here a picture of me with the headband - you could see that I placed the headband on top of the the wire that connect to the processor to the coil

The thin headband would be a good idea to wear in any sports. You can get these band from a shop called 'claires' or ebay (here the links) (You can buy them in different colours)

:-) I actually enjoyed hearing my team mates and it was something I never been able to do before.

Anyway, that's it for me now. I better get my things ready for uni tomorrow morning. check out for the next post which will be about the 6 months mapping which I have this thursday. I certainly can't wait to see my result :-D


Laura's medical journey said...

A good tip, when i was out sometimes at first i used to wear like these fabric headbands that covered my ear to keep it on but i found that made my hearing a big muffled maybe ill try those headbands now! lol xx

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

We just got a pink sweatband for Amanda yesterday for tennis for the very same reason. (She just started playing.)

I like the idea of a thin headband for PE at school. She's asleep now, but tomorrow I'll show her your picture and see if she'd like to take a narrow headband to school.

She mentioned the other day that when she runs around the gym she has been handing her CI to the Teaching Assistant.

Headband! Much better idea!

Jennifer :-)

Katie-Louise's Cochlear Implant Blog said...

Hi jennifer.

Thats good that Amanda has started to play tennis - I play it sometime it is a good sport!

The thin head band works pretty well and it would be a good idea to wear. It was my brother idea about the headband. You can buy them in packet from a shop called 'claire' or ebay! They do different colours too. Espcially pink :D

hopefully wearing one of those would stop them from falling off nad she could enjoy P.E with sounds :D

here the links


Charlotte said...

I wear Buff Headband (google it) when i am sailing/racing, it keeps excess water off (sprays)and wind out of my microphone as it's very loud.If it's too wet/windy i don't bother with HA and CI, no point listening for something when the wind's howling! If it's not too windy I wear my old aid mould just to keep it on my head! I did that yesterday and realised i need new mould as my ear had changed since I last wore my HA.

Good tips though.. something i would consider.

Jennifer, glad Amanda took interest in tennis, I hate tennis!!! ha ha.. I was more of a hockey player!

Charlotte xx

Charlotte said...
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Abbie said...

That is EXACTLY what I use when I go running. We have a brand called "Goody" here in the states and they offer the no-slip thin headbands that works perfectly.

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