Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Speech Therapy (session 2)

Today I went for my 2nd speech therapy with Dyan. It went well and I've made some improvements. Since the last session my voice was pretty quiet and today my voice is a little louder which she was impressed and it was enough to talk one to one in a quiet envouriement, but still need to raise the volume a bit.

After talking about the loudness we then moved onto ending words like 's'. Dyan gaved me a list of words like cats, bats, mice, nurse. Each word had a 's' in . the list had sometihng like 20 word per row and I had to say them all.

When we first went through them I did missed out on some of the 'S' but after going through them again, she then challenge me to try and say the word the first time without missing 'S' or saying the word twice. So, went through it again and only did 2 mistake and the 3 rd there was only 1. So, that was good and now I can say them more natural and of course I can hear the words alot more than what I could before!

When we did the list. Dyan moved on and had to say a sentences like: "I hate cats" I had to repeat what shes say but include the name 'Sam' and 'too'. so, I would say "sam hates cats too" So, this was to make sure I don't miss the 's' while I saying the full sentences. So, we did a few sentences and did well. Now i've homework - to work on the 'K' and 'T' and say some sentences with the ending words like book, week, bat etc. So, next week when I have another session Dyan will test me.

So, i'm impress with what I did today and I'm becoming more confidents in using my voice as I do have a good voice but sometimes I refuses to use as it does sound quiet.

Anyway, last night I heard another new sound. I was on sitting at my laptop. Richard fell asleep next to me and whille I was on the laptop I was in a quiet room and I heard this noise which took me a while to figure out what it was and guess what it was? Richard was Snoring! It was so loud and it sounded like some pigs. lol, (that's the only way i could describe it)

I'm so glad I am completely deaf during the night when I take my processor off as it would be so annoying to hear someone snores! I don't know how hearing people would put up with that. I guess us deaf peeps are lucky to have a silent sleep without any sounds disturbing us.


Laura's medical journey said...

EXACTLY katie! haha i love sleeping with nothing disturbing me woohoo we are lucky in some respects! ;0) my dad snores very loudly so glad i cant hear him through our walls! Glad your speech theapry is going well! :D looks like we are both going back to school! u have home work and i start voluneering next week!! :) xx

Charlotte said...

Yay well done Katie.... XX

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Yeah, in some ways us hearing people get the raw end of the deal. Smile.

Terrific that you are doing so well with your speech and are hearing new sounds, Katie-Louise.

Try this one: She sells seashells by the seashore.

Jennifer :-D

Charlotte said...

Thats good one Jennifer...

Katie-Louise's Cochlear Implant Blog said...

lol, haha, Jennifer. You got me thinking there!

Abbie said...

You want to know how many people DON'T enunciate their endings :) I feel like I live in a "singular" world sometimes :) That is great that you can hear them (when they are being said) :)