Thursday, 18 September 2008

My new target!


It's been a short while since I have last posted! Anyway, I'm still around and actually busy hunting for a new car for myself since I have not long passed, woop! first time :-D.

I also been getting ready for universtiy, woop! I am due to start next week and I actually can't wait. I have been at university this week but it was only a 'fresher week' where I get to meet my lectures etc. They all seem nice, so that's a relief!

Anyway i've been chating to alot of people that is used to hearing sounds, I realised that I have still got alot to learnt.

There somethings on my list that i'm waiting to hear at the moment:

*Fireworks (bonfire night) "I can't wait for that"
*Christmas bells
* Big Ben Clock (i'm visiting london in a few weeks, hopefully i'll hear it)
*My sister son (my 1st nephew)
*My uncle parrot (Every time I see him, he talks alot and I never hear it)
* Football fans that are in the stadiam chanting away (I'll be watching that next week)

Anyway, not only I am waiting to see if i can hear them.

I have learnt 2 things over the past 2 days!

I didn't realised that sirens to police, ambulance and fireengine all have a different sound. Not untill my friend told me that and now I'm gonna listen out for that and see If I can remenber the sound and then try and identify them without looking at them.

Also, I didn't know that guinea pig make few sounds, well I have never heard that before. I heard it Wheeking because it wanted his dinner. I thought it was funny how loud they did it. They also purring. I obvously thought cats only do that. So, wow! I learnt 2 new things :D Isn't that just amazing!

Anyway, i better get going I'm going on a car hunt :-D


Charlotte said...

Wicked, Well done Katie, Good luck for next week. Let me know when you come to london as i wanna to listen for Big Ben, i lived in london for 11 years and never heard it!

Laura's medical journey said...

aw im so pleasedddddd! I've had guiena pigs before and they are soooooooooo cute!!! Their squeaking is ace! and their purring after you are grooming them! I love it when we went to go see them as they always squeaked when they saw you hehehe

Im sure you will hear London is VERY noisy! :) and the fireworks are ace too! REALLY LOUD like weeeeeeeeee and crackling!
i hope you find your dream car! x