Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Summer Almost Over!

Well, summer has nearly come to an end to me. This summer the weather has been up and down. one minute it rains and the next minute the sun comes out to play, well , only when it want to.
Now, after spending 3 years at Derby College Studying : BTEC National Diploma in sports and science its now time for me to move up a level and study a physical Education degree at university this october and this course will take 4 years. (argh)
oh well, hopefully 4 years will fly by quick for me to be a fully qualified P.E teacher which I've always wanted to do and I am now saying goodbye to this uniform I had to wear at college for good!! (picture shown below) Finally at univeristy we're are allowed to wear what ever we like to wear. Woohoo!!


Laura J said...

I wish you good luck at uni! Im sure you'll do great!!

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

That is interesting that you are required to wear a uniform. Glad you don't have to anymore, although I rather like it. I suppose after three years though, I'd be ready to give it up too!

You'll make a great PE teacher! What a good role model you are in so many ways. ;-)

I have had a 30 year teaching career and have so many incrediblel memories!

Amanda and I figured out iChat (we've been chatting from her laptop to mine) and she's just about ready to chat with you. We'll have to figure out the WHEN, considering the time difference.


Charlotte said...

Go Katie, Uniforms are yuck! I still wear them at work! groans, actually they are cool as they are board shorts or normal shorts with polo shirts or slim fit teeshirt.

You'd make great teacher, I am still waiting for the rule change to allow me to teach people to sail

C xx

Charlotte said...

Katie, Amanda's near LA which is 8 hours behind us Ok. Cx